Chateau de Sable invests in Eurostop retail systems for Singapore stores

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Children’s fashion retailer renowned for quality fabric and finish invests in retail systems to streamline business and customer service


Château de Sable was established in 2001 when Stéphanie Lemaire, an experienced French designer, decided to launch her own children’s clothing line in Singapore. Having worked in the past for a famous French designer she was ready to start her own line. Her ‘French touch’ and quality fabrics have helped the brand to grow into today’s business with 27 stores in 11 countries.

Château de Sable designs are driven and inspired by the belief that ‘children should look like children’ and Stéphanie is committed to designing healthy and comfortable garments. The best fabrics are selected for their soft touch on the children’s sensitive skin and all clothes are made with detailed finishing.

The success of the company has meant that the stores now stock an increased number of styles and sizes, which has resulted in greater complexity for the stores to manage. In Singapore, Chateau de Sable has four retail outlets and has recently invested in Eurostop’s e-rmis head office system and e-pos touch till software to roll out across its stores. 

Easy to use for staff

Raphaelle de Ponsay, Marketing Manager at Chateau de Sable, Singapore, explained; “Our existing retail system was cumbersome to use and increasingly we could not handle the number of different SKUs that we have. With different lines, sizes and colours, managing stock efficiently was becoming time consuming and difficult to track.

“We selected Eurostop’s retail system as it is straightforward to use and enables us to manage our stock efficiently. We have found that the user interface makes it easy to train staff, so that they can be up and running very quickly.”

Chateau de Sable is working on a refurbishment programme in its Singapore stores and plans to roll out Eurostop’s e-pos touch, connected to the e-rmis head office system, to manage stock and head office functions. e-pos touch utilises the latest Windows technology and has been designed with an intuitive touch screen display for ease of use, speed and reliability. It runs on a range of hand held devices including tablets as well as fixed tills, reflecting the trend for flexibility in adjusting to customer demand in the retail environment.

Managing stock efficiently

Chateau de Sable has already benefitted from reduced stock processing time, along with improved stock accuracy and history.   This has saved time and reduced errors, where previously it was much more time consuming to input stock data.

“Receiving merchandise is so much faster now. We can put the stock in the store much quicker. We don’t waste time with stock sitting in storage until we have checked it all on the system. Plus we have more visibility of all our orders, making it much easier to track and account for.”

With tighter management and more visibility of sales, the merchandising team are able to replenish fast selling lines and ensure that the stores do not over stock or reorder less popular items or colours. Like most retailers, managing the balance between stock supplies and customer demand is key to profitability.

“We now have an up to date and accurate view of sales and live stock, which supports better replenishment decision making. The shop can request additional stock and we can be sure that we have the right lines in store to meet customer demand – we don’t over order,” said Raphaelle.

Keeping customers loyalchateaudeSable3

The Singapore stores also plan to introduce Eurostop’s customer loyalty module. Currently customer details, names and email addresses are captured at till point, to identify which customers are regular visitors and notify them of particular new lines. This will enable the stores to reward regular customers and offer promotional incentives or drive engagement

Future plans

With the Singapore stores successfully using Eurostop systems, Chateau de Sable plans to introduce the new systems to its franchisees in other countries, potentially starting with its retail partners in the United Arab Emirates.

“As a brand our focus and reputation has always been based on the quality of fabrics and detail of the finished items that we sell. Now that we have invested in Eurostop’s systems we are assured that the quality of the entire sales process and customer experience matches our vision, and we are set to continue our growth.” said Raphaelle.


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