Everbest optimises operations and performance by adopting Eurostop MPOS, POS & Retail Systems

Written by Salwati

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  • A fully integrated system that streamlines internal and external processes
  • Provides up-to-date data consolidation and real-time inventory movement
  • Automates manual work and repetitive tasks to save time and provide true data accuracy

“The Eurostop system has really helped save a lot of time in both our internal and external processes”

Irene Chan, Business Development Manager

The Challenge

Everbest base their business model on prioritising meeting customers’ needs and wants. They strive to produce affordable shoes and handbags without compromising on quality. Having a global presence within Southeast Asia, the UK, Mauritius and Australia, Everbest is constantly looking for ways to improve their business performance and to exceed their customers’ expectations.

In Singapore alone, Everbest’s presence includes five boutique stores and sixteen consignment stores. To ensure product availability at all times, there are a lot of stock movements between these stores, which had become a challenge to manage.

Without a proper system to perform daily tasks and support their primary processes like syncing stock transfers, membership management, sales promotions and consolidation of stock balance etc., the team had to carry out these tasks manually which was not only unproductive, but also prone to human error.

The Solution

After the product demonstration, Everbest’s team was utterly impressed with Eurostop’s retail solutions, especially its inventory management system, e-retail, which helps to record stock movements and maintain accurate inventory management.

Apart from that, Eurostop’s team also showcased their MPOS and POS systems which would work for both Everbest’s consignments and boutique stores. These two systems are fully integrated with the inventory management system and automatically update product movements in real-time offering to increase Everbest’s operational efficiency tremendously.

By demonstrating the entire workflow as a proof of concept, Everbest instantly recognised the benefits and value that the retail solution would bring to their business. The Eurostop team won them over with their competency and the right solution for their business needs.

The Result

Streamlined sales and inventory management processes

The new integrated systems streamline operational processes within the five boutique stores and sixteen consignment stores. It has enabled the Operations team to eliminate manual data reconciliation and work efficiently by optimising inventory management across all channels.

As a result, this has allowed Everbest to reassign the employees’ roles to take on new tasks that require new sets of skills.

Real-time data management

“The management reports have enabled us to have true visibility of real-time data”

Irene Chan, Business Development Manager

Another benefit of the integrated retail systems is having visibility of real-time data. It allows the Everbest team to control stock movements across the stores and avoid “OOS” or out-of-stock items, which lead to the loss of sales.

The real-time information also helps the Operations team to make informed decisions and optimise the overall flow of the supply chain. For example, the best time to issue a purchase order, carry out stock replenishment and goods receiving.

Enhancing the overall customer experience

Lastly, the newly integrated retail systems not only help to streamline internal and external processes, but this solution has ultimately enhanced their customer in-store experience.

Everbest can now supply according to their customers’ demands. Having complete visibility of all product information means that they can ensure availability across all channels, at all times.

About Everbest

Everbest Shoes & Handbags grounded its roots in Singapore in 1979. Together with a team of employees spearheaded by the founding directors, Everbest Shoes & Handbags has steadily grown to be an international brand. Now Everbest Shoes & Handbags has stretched its wings across the Asian Continent.

Satisfying customers’ need is one the critical factors to success, to enable that Everbest Shoes & Handbags has gradually broadened their product range. Initially Everbest Shoes & Handbags started out only manufacturing Ladies Shoes, now the product range has extended to Men’s Wear and Handbags. Nonetheless, leather shoes are not customised to everyone’s needs, a sister brand Tracce shoes was launched specialising in synthetic leather. With constant demands, Everbest Shoes & Handbags is always thinking of ways improving and designing shoes to accustom to customers wants.

Throughout the establishment of Everbest Shoes & Handbags, their core philosophy is to design simple, luxury and value for money shoes without compromising quality. These values will continue to drive Everbest Shoes & Handbags forward into the future.



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