Retail ERP Stock Control Software

e-rmis - Stock control with merchandise management

Manage your business using Eurostop's stock control and merchandise management retail ERP software for fashion, footwear and jewellery retailers. This master tool and repository is at the core of your EPOS estate and suite of connected retail systems , providing you with a holistic view of how your retail business is operating and performing.


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    Central stock control

    Maintain central control of your retail business with retail stock control ERP software

    Merchandise all of your retail channels and store locations with efficiency, accuracy and ease, without duplication of work.

    As a retailer, your passion is your product and your customers, so the last thing you want is to spend valuable time on administration work that could be avoided. e-rmis holds centrally controlled product, stock, sales, customer loyalty and promotional information which is visible throughout all retail channels and locations in your company. Manage your entire retail estate from one central application.

    Connecting to third party systems such as ERP, including SAP, online channels such as Magento and Accounts systems, to name a few, means that retailers may benefit from Eurostop’s market leading retail ERP software. This connectivity creates a seamless and versatile omni-channel retail solution with e-rmis at the core.

    Stock and sales visibility

    Stock and sales visibility for real-time decisions

    Manage your whole business with up to the minute information from one application, even if you are multi location and cross channel.

    View global company wide sales or stock in a particular channel or location with our retail ERP software. An accurate picture of how your business is performing at that moment allows you to respond quickly to business needs.

    Maximise your retail capital

    Manage your stock, maximise your capital

    Know what, when and how much stock to order to meet customer demand.

    Use our award-winning set of tools to plan stock expenditure so that you don't over order, but hold the right amount of stock according to how much you are selling.

    Stock control increase sales

    Optimise with effective retail stock control software

    The right staff & stock, in the right place, at the right time with Eurostop’s market leading retail ERP software.

    Have the right products in the right stores and channels so that you can maximise sales and increase revenue growth. By knowing which product lines are selling well in certain branches, you can ensure that you merchandise accordingly.

    Extensive reports enable you to analyse transaction to staff ratios so that you can adjust staff levels for more popular times.


    Product Management

    Setup product information that is synchronised automatically across your channels.


    Price Management

    Manage markdowns, advanced promotions and setup international and multiple pricing.


    Merchandise Management

    Streamline your merchandising with powerful tools to manage buying and analysing sell-through.



    Replenish your stores using sales or target based replenishment.



    A host of reports allowing you to view audit trail & stock history by full Period Calendar



    Central control of intelligent sourcing for multichannel retailers using shared or dedicated stock.

    Warehouse fulfilment

    Smarter processing of online orders with our retail ERP software

    Maximise available stock across your sales channels.

    Use intelligent and automated fulfilment plans from your chosen stores and or warehouse locations. Advanced interfaces within e-rmis and e-pos touch make it simple for your staff to manage the fulfilment process, whether you have a dedicated or shared stock pool. Increase turnover, reduce staff costs, increase job satisfaction and keep your customers happy.

    Stock Control & Merchandise Management Features

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    Product management

    • Colour / size / fit matrix
    • Four level categorisation
    • Custom attributes
    • Batch import

    Price management

    • International selling prices
    • Cost price re-evaluation
    • Foreign tax / VAT including US sales tax
    • Markdowns
    • Advanced promotions

    Store / warehouse management

    • Branch / warehouse setup
    • Inter branch transfers
    • Warehouse transfers
    • Full / perpetual stock takes
    • Store grading
    • RF picking
    • Partial receipts

    Barcode management

    • Label printing
    • Barcode inventory management


    • Supplier setup
    • Buyer setup
    • Batch import of purchase orders
    • Automatic reordering capability


    • Extensive out-of-the box reports
    • Full stock audit trail
    • Real time in transit stock position
    • Live stock and sales data
    • Reporting on historical stock and sales


    • Manual allocations
    • Sales based replenishment
    • Target based min / max replenishment
    • Automatic re-order capability


    • Bulk picking and packing
    • Warehouse management with multiple locations
    • Intelligent sourcing from fulfilment centre / stores

    Customer Loyalty

    • Real time CRM
    • Points
    • Deposits
    • Credit notes
    • Email receipts


    • Period and annual calendar with time division
    • Multilingual
    • Custom fields (product & customer)
    • User security
    • System wide settings

    Hosting & Support

    • Cloud / managed service
    • Multilingual
    • Helpdesk Support Monday – Friday

    Featured stock control case studies


    Roderick Charles measures up to customer demand

    Expansion with systems made to measure and a cutting edge solution for bespoke suits.


    Managing stock efficiently & keeping customers loyal

    Benefitting from reduced stock processing time, along with improved stock accuracy and history


    Tiso achieves faster stock replenishment with Eurostop

    Faster store stock replenishment optimises customer experience


    The replenishment facility within e-rmis was exactly what we were looking for. It gives us far greater control of store stock replenishment, so we have an accurate view of the business

    Chris Tiso, Chief Executive of Tiso Stores