Retail Software

Eurostop is a one stop shop for your connected retail software and systems. Our award-winning connected suite of retail software enables you to offer your customers a connected omnichannel experience, driving customer loyalty and optimising your business performance. Connected retail software in a connected world.


Efficient Centralised Stock Control

The right products, in the right place, at the right time.

Eurostop’s head office stock control and merchandise management software, e-rmis , allows you to track, order and allocate stock to the right channels to meet customer demand, so that you can maximise your capital.

Stock Control


Connected Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS)

Key to the instore experience, e-pos touch enables you to process sales and collect valuable customer information with ease.

A fully connected system means that your sales staff have live visibility of stock inventory across the company.



Connected Channels

Consumers expect an omnichannel experience, whether online or in store. This relies on connected channels and systems.

Eurostop specialises in providing additional retail software connections to ERP systems, ecommerce and many other systems and online channels.

Connected Channels


Tenant Management System

A complete and managed service for landlords who need to report on tenant sales turnover.

Tenant Management System


Business Insights & Reporting

A range of business intelligence reporting that provides you with actionable consumer and retail insights to make better decisions based on how your product line and business are performing. Meet customer demand and run your retail business in the best way possible.

Business Insights & Reporting