Business Insights & Reporting

The business intelligence reporting solutions from Eurostop that provide you with live retail insights whenever and wherever you are.


Use Sales Insights & Increase Performance

Specialised retail management reports turn your sales into meaningful visual and actionable insights. Make better decisions, smart decisions that will enable you to optimise performance across your retail business.

Monitor store promotions, sell through, daily sales against targets and like for like. Address performance issues as they happen, or plan future strategy by having the relevant information in the palm of your hand.


Get data on the go

Check in with your business anytime, from anywhere. Using Eurostop’s e-mobile reports means that you have web access to your business intelligence data, even on the move. Live information is delivered fast and a responsive design means that it is optimised for your smartphone device. In a connected world, your business needs to be able to react in real time.


Tailor your business intelligence solution to your business

Our business intelligence solution enables you to access and view relevant data to analyse how your business is performing and make better business decisions. You can customise your own business intelligence reports by both content and layout. The reporting interface is intuitive and simple; e-cubes allows selection of your chosen fields or measures via drag and drop, with the ability to create custom calculations.

As well as reporting by margin, sales by style, size and colour or location, e-cubes reporting enables much more detailed analysis. For example, calculating sell through over time. It also enables Buyers to analyse information like purchase orders outstanding, which enables more efficient stock management.

Report Management

Design & save reports with live data. Customise your own business intelligence reports

Mobile Insights

Live retail insights whenever and wherever you are. Investigate top performing or problem areas

Retail Reporting

Smart decisions that will enable you to optimise performance across your retail business.

Featured case studies


High visibility is vital to pan-European success

Providing the hard data to make informed commercial decisions.

Roderick Charles measures up to customer demand

Success of business is reliant upon accurate forecasts.

Transparency and integration are key

A powerful and strategic planning tool that benefits business in long term.


We place orders with our British manufacturing suppliers, which means we have to be sure that we are ordering the right items and the rights cloths that will sell. Our lead times are quite long as we don’t obtain stock from wholesalers, so it’s really important that we have accurate sales data upon which to base our decisions.

Roderick Charles

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Business Insights and Reporting

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