Empower your consumers with a mobile in store app, to deliver an innovative omnichannel brand experience

MyShoppr in store app

Enhance and transform your in store experience with our consumer retail store app. MyShoppr® has been developed to merge the mobile shopping trend with the physical brand experience in your brick and mortar stores. It offers your customers a digital, on demand service and empowers your retail staff to offer true customer convenience using a seamless omnichannel experience with MyShoppr®, the in store app.


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    Bring digital in store

    Consumers are driving the retail landscape to evolve, with changing consumer behaviour determining the store of the future.

    Consumers don’t think about in store, or online, but simply how can I get what I want, how I want, and in the most convenient way possible for them. Mobile shopping has been increasing in popularity for some time, and recent research has shown that more people would prefer to consult a mobile phone, rather than a member of staff.

    Retail Systems Awards mpos

    Mobile Innovation of the Year

    Shortlisted for Retail Systems Awards 2020

    We are delighted to announce that MyShoppr® has now been shortlisted for Mobile Innovation of the Year by the Retail Systems Awards! This award recognises the best solution that enables customers to get the most out of the mobile experience, using their devices to engage with a retailer and shop whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

    MyShoppr Store App Features

    Improve customer satisfaction with our store app

    Give your customer access to the MyShoppr® app from their own mobile device – no download required.

    To embrace changing consumer behaviour, Eurostop powers MyShoppr®. A mobile in store app which is available on any smartphone device. It enables the shopper to simply scan and shop.

    Digital information is available in store and on demand, enhancing the shopping experience by embracing current trends and addressing frustrations traditionally experienced by consumers.

    MyShoppr in store app brand ambassadors

    Let your customers’ love for your brand, speak for itself

    Your customers are your most powerful brand ambassadors.

    People buy from people, and passionate customers want to talk about their experiences and the products that they love. With social sharing on MyShoppr®, you can provide your customers with the technology to share your products – the most powerful advertising for your brand in the digital age.

    MyShoppr never miss a sale

    Never miss a sale

    MyShoppr® will help increase sales online and instore.

    Convenience is key for consumers and a true omnichannel customer experience ensures that you as a retailer never misses a potential sale, online or in store. With MyShoppr®, your customers can have the right information at their fingertips, with digital enhancing the physical in store experience.

    From self stock checks instantly on the shop floor, researching products and product lines, to opting for delivery later at home, MyShoppr® acts as your customers’ personal in store assistant. Providing quality content and convenient options makes it easier for your consumers to make a buying decision. Not only does this cater to how today’s shoppers want to shop, it makes more efficient use of your existing staff on the shop floor.

    Self Stock Check

    Provide your customers with access to live stock checks on the shop floor. On demand – No more waiting.

    Share on Social

    Customers are your most powerful brand ambassadors. Social sharing lets your customers do the talking.


    Tell your customers about other items that they may be interested in, showing colour and size options.

    Buy Online

    Online or instore, consumers want the right options for them. If a product isn’t available in that store, they can purchase online, or perhaps just choose for their items to be delivered at home.

    Product Information

    Your customers want to know more, so use the power of MyShoppr® to provide key information, at the right time, on the path to purchase.

    Queue Busting

    Coming Soon – Scan & Pay