Turnover-Based Rent & its Benefits for Landlords & Tenants

Written by Deborah Loh

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The challenges and uncertainty caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic have brought turnover based rents to the forefront, with many landlords under increasing demand to consider the leasing model for their commercial properties. Although the concept of a non-fixed rental income could be daunting, especially for landlords, turnover-based rents can actually support both landlords and tenants and is especially beneficial in the current economic climate.  It actually brings a host of advantages for both parties. As one of today’s leading tenant management system providers, the team from Eurostop has helped many switch to a turnover-based rental model.

Here, we discuss some of the benefits, as well as precisely how it works.

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What is Turnover-Based Rent?

In the simplest of terms, turnover-based rent is a form of commercial renting in which the amount of rent is dependent on the tenant’s turnover, or the amount of business a commercial tenant does.

It’s most often used for retail properties and may be calculated in various ways.  One option is where a tenant pays a “base” rental price that’s a fixed figure or percentage of the market rate for a particular property, in addition to a flat fee or percentage based on their turnover. Another way turnover-based rent is calculated is by having a tenant pay the open market rental price, then an additional rental fee should their turnover exceed a pre-determined cap. Alternatively, the entire rent may be turnover dependent.

How Do Turnover-Based Rents Benefit Tenants?

A turnover-based rental model can assist tenants and provide some leeway in difficult trading conditions; which could be the differentiator especially in the current situation on the high street where non-essential retail has faced multiple store closures and shopper trepidation.  It essentially means their rental fees will decrease accordingly during downturns. This can make it easier for retailers and other businesses to keep their doors open when experiencing a lull.

It is important however for those renting a commercial property or searching for one with a turnover-based rental model, to go over every aspect of the lease thoroughly so they are aware of the complete terms of the agreement and how their rent can vary.

Are Turnover-Based Rent Models Good for Landlords?

For commercial property owners, turnover-based rent models can be beneficial because although rents may fluctuate, even if a tenant is retained on a lower rent, they’ll still be responsible for maintaining the property and paying their share of insurance and service charges. Additionally, it’s much more beneficial than having the property sit vacant for any period of time.

Another point to consider is that this leasing model can bring with it a wealth of information on how your tenants are performing.  By collecting and having access to tenant turnover data, with the right business insights you will be able to identify prime locations in your shopping mall and also analyse the results of promotions and external factors, such as the weather or seasons, on trading.  This is particularly beneficial if you are invested in optimising your real estate and focused on initiatives to drive footfall and improve business, which obviously brings mutual benefits for both landlord and tenant.

It’s important to note that legally, landlords aren’t obliged to accept a turnover-based rent proposal. However, if you do agree, you and the tenant will need to sit down to determine how turnover will be calculated and then draw up a turnover lease.   This turnover-based rental contract will include the pricing model, as well as how turnover will be proven.

How is Turnover Proven?

Most often, this is by basing an annual rental amount on the previous accounting period or having tenants provide a turnover certificate. However some Tenant Management Systems, like the one from Eurostop, can use actual turnover figures collected on a daily (or even more frequent) basis.  This not only gives you a more accurate model for your rental figures, but it also means that rent can be adjusted quickly in response to an increase or decrease in turnover.  Having real-time data also facilitates marketing initiatives to optimise footfall in response to changing promotions, as discussed previously.

For those with a tenant renting multiple properties on a turnover-based rental model, things can become a bit more complex. For bricks and clicks retailers with multiple channels, the turnover agreement must also consider different customer fulfilment options such as collect in store – would this sale be attributed to the store or the online channel?

A Few Important Considerations

There are a few important factors to consider before switching to a turnover-based rental model, the first being that doing so might increase the amount of administrative work for both parties. This can be especially significant if you don’t have the right system to support you in place.

Additionally, commercial property owners will need to determine with their mortgage lender whether or not they’re able to allow a fluctuating rent for their property.

Carefully considering the reputation of tenants/businesses before agreeing to a turnover-based rental model is also essential.

The Benefits of Eurostop’s Tenant Management Systems

When it comes to keeping track of your tenants, investing in the tenant management software from Eurostop can make things much easier. We offer an automated means of collecting accurate turnover data in an environment that is mainly manual. This means you’ll save hours of time, reducing the need of collating all of that data usually sent via email, as well as chasing turnover data from tenants. Since all of the turnover is based on current sales figures generated directly from the POS, it means that both landlords and tenants can rely on accurate data and agreements.

When you place your trust in Eurostop, you’ll be outfitted with one of today’s most effective and efficient tenant management systems available. Our system collects turnover data on a daily basis, or even more frequently if deemed necessary. This makes your turnover data much more accurate than gathering it at the end of the month or simply basing it on historical estimates or sales figures.

Not only will you be provided with exceptional data collection services, but you’ll also be given an in-depth analysis of such data with e-mall, and our business insights tool for slicing and dicing your mall turnover data. As a commercial property owner, this type of insight can help you determine the right retailers for your properties and choose ones that will attract the most customers.

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