All Watches enhance customer experience by adopting Eurostop POS and Loyalty Systems

Written by Salwati

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  • Cloud-based solution provides cost-savings as an alternative for SMEs to eliminate the high cost of physical servers
  • Dashboard monitoring provides remote performance monitoring and tracking, on demand and in real-time
  • Improved CRM enhances customer experience both online and in-store

“Eurostop has a very capable and responsive team that is able to drive the project implementation with go live extremely quickly”

Darren Ng, Managing Director

The Challenge

With decades of watch retailing experience, All Watches provide the best retail experience to their customers by focusing on the quality of their products. Being an exclusive distributor of luxurious and branded watches, they strive to deliver exceptional service and products.

Through their retail experience and ongoing years of success, All Watches has grown into five retail stores across the country, including one store across the border, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Due to this business expansion, they have frequent stock movements between the stores; i.e. from warehouse-to-store, store-to-store transfers, and vice-versa. The strenuous manual processes within operations had escalated, leading to balance discrepancies of stock-on-hand and at stock-take audits.

Concurrently, customer details were also being recorded and stored manually in a logbook to allow the staff to keep track of past purchases and records.

With these manual processes in place, there were understandably issues with data accuracy and also complications within the stores’ daily operations.

The Solution

The All Watches team was aware of the functionality shortfall with their existing POS system and how it was affecting the smooth running of their retail stores, and were therefore looking for a replacement system.

After a couple of meetings and a product demonstration session with Darren Ng, the Managing Director, Darren was convinced that Eurostop’s POS system would be the ideal solution to address their business problem. The solution would ensure that the inventory, stock movements, and transfers would automatically update in the system and provide real-time information.

Eurostop’s team also showcased their Loyalty system which tracks customer records and purchase history. Customer data, including member registration details, purchase history, deposits, loyalty points, rewards and other personal information are also automatically updated in the system upon successful registration.

The All Watches team was impressed with the overall product demonstration and the benefits that the retail systems would bring to their business. The team also concluded that the Eurostop POS system came with a comprehensive list of features as standard, and yet could be customised according to their specific needs. The team’s capabilities and resourcefulness were the key factors that made them the chosen supplier.

The Result

The rollout was quick and efficient, with Darren Ng, Managing Director, commenting “Eurostop has a very capable and responsive team that is able to drive the project implementation with go live extremely quickly. They have a responsive support team which is crucial to our retail operations.”

A single view of stock across stores

The retail team and store staff members are now able to view stock movements in between stores, check product availability, sales commission, and customer information across all stores, from any store.

The new retail POS system not only helps to record accurate stock levels, but it has also streamlined workflow by eliminating time consuming manual processes.

Seamless customer registration for membership

Eurostop’s Loyalty system enables customers to register remotely via their mobile, while browsing through the store. This enhances their in-store experience by reducing waiting time at the counter, which has been particularly useful in the current COVID-19 climate. Upon successful member registration, this information is then reflected instantly in the POS system. Darren said “The customer loyalty module really allows us to improve on our CRM efforts”.

Real-time information and dashboard

Above all else, the integrated systems provide visibility of real-time data. At the same time, the retail solution also provides a customised management dashboard to allow the management team to make informed decisions and increase operational efficiency.

The management team can easily view information such as sales by store, product, customer, stock balance, and more. With this information, All Watches can further enhance their customers’ experience by targeting them with relevant content online and focusing on their needs while in-store.

“A responsive support team which is crucial to our retail operations.” Darren Ng, Managing Director All Watches

About All Watches

All Watches is a reputable and trusted brand with a notable heritage as a timepiece specialist. With extensive experience in the horology industry, Mr Sunny Ng started All Watches in 1984 at Lucky Plaza and later with a second store at Wisma Atria. In 1996, All Watches created a shop-in shop concept first at BHG Bugis Junction and later at OG, Albert Complex.

Through the years, All Watches has grown from one shop in 1984 to the current 6 point of sales, including 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With 34 years of retail experience and success, trust and support; All Watches is now the authorised retailer of over 50 established international watch brands, including high-end prestigious names such as Omega, Tudor, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Mont Blanc, and international brands such as Longines, Rado, Ball and Tissot.


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