Beauty brand TheFaceShop manages complex store promotions with ease using Eurostop systems

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Successful international natural beauty brand manages over 1000 products using Eurostop’s retail management solution

TheFaceShop is a leading natural beauty brand, initially established in Korea in 2003 and is now present in 29 countries around the world. As Korea’s first cosmetic company committed to nature, TheFaceShop has over 1000 products, created from over six hundred natural ingredients such as flowers, fruits, mineral water and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin.


Live sales data

As the company has grown and increased the number of products in its range and stores worldwide, it has invested in the latest retail management systems from Eurostop to support its retail network. In Singapore, TheFaceShop has implemented Eurostop’s e-rmis head office system and e-pos touch in all of its retail outlets to capture and process till sales and replenish and manage stock levels.

Samenther Seow, IT Manager at TFS Singapore Pte Ltd explained; “We needed a connected system that could give us an instant picture of our live sales, rather than having to wait for an import from a different system. It saves us a huge amount of time as we can instantly see which lines are selling.

“We also have a complex promotion model across our range of products. The Eurostop system recognises automatically whether promotion requirements are met when a sale is entered at till point. This relieves the burden for our sales staff of having to calculate different discount tiers – and is more accurate.”

Managing stock inventory efficiently

The stock management function of the Eurostop system underpins TheFaceShop’s retail operations, enabling the retailer to manage its entire inventory. TheFaceShop plans to set auto-replenishment across stores with minimum and maximum stock levels, ensuring that customer demands are met. Setting auto-replenishment across all lines will allow for cross promotions and linked beauty care products to be managed and tracked.

Each outlet is able to order stock via the till point which has significantly reduced the time taken to process orders. Plus, with live updating of all sales and inventory levels, the most up to date stock levels are always available, ensuring that swift decisions can be made to replenish or reorder popular products or run down stocks of poor selling lines. The head office team has also set the system so that negative stock numbers are not allowed, enabling better inventory management and control.

Reduced waste maximises profits

A key benefit to TheFaceShop is that with improved stock management the stock takes are now much easier and more accurate, which means reduced waste, maximising profits.

“With so many similar products it was easy to make mistakes when doing stock takes,” explained Samenther Seow. “Now it’s automated and completely up to date with product listings – our stock accuracy can often be higher than 95%.”

Automated reports save time

The reporting features within the Eurostop systems have also brought significant efficiency benefits to the company.  Sales of vouchers can be tracked and reporting on vouchers still in circulation helps to forecast both product sales and cash flow.TheFaceShop Logo

Automating the production of month end and sales ledger reports has saved the finance, head office and management team considerable time over previous systems.  Using the e-cubes functionality the team is able to customise further reports to provide additional business intelligence on specific stores, promotions or product lines as and when required.

For stock management, too, the built in reports for stock audits have made it much easier to control stock movements, helping the buyers to procure the right stock and ensure that stores are replenished to meet demand.

“There is no doubt that Eurostop was able to meet our requirements fully,” said Samenther Seow. “The ability to meet our complex sales and marketing promotions has definitely reduced the burden on retail staff, improving our customer service.

We have increased the accuracy and management of our inventory control and also saved a lot of time and man hours in producing our reports.”


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