Tiso achieves faster stock replenishment, optimising customer experience with Eurostop connected retail systems

Written by Deborah Loh

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“The stock replenishment facility within e-rmis was exactly what we were looking for. It gives us far greater control of store replenishment, enabling us to pick wirelessly and despatch accurately.”Chris Tiso, Chief Executive of Tiso Stores

Tiso Perth Store

  • Faster and more efficient fulfilment of stock to stores as a result of improved warehouse operations using Eurostop’s stock replenishment system
  • Accurate stock records are maintained using quick product setup and purchase order functionality
  • Central stock system and detailed business insights and reporting from sales data across all channels aids merchandise planning
  • New multi-promotions capability at EPOS till point reduces complexity for staff, improving customer service and maximising revenue opportunities

The Challenge

The current growth in outdoor pursuits over recent years has seen Scotland’s leading outdoor clothing retailer Tiso expand both the number of outlets and its product range. Today Tiso stocks a wide variety of clothing, footwear and equipment for adventure sports, including alpine biking, climbing, ski-ing and general outdoor pursuits.

Tiso’s focus remains on offering a customer experience that demonstrates its early history embedded in a love of outdoor sports, by providing areas to trial clothing and equipment, including climbing walls, test areas for bikes and employing trained, experienced staff. From low cost carabinas and keyrings, to bikes and ski equipment with ticket prices of thousands of pounds, having the right systems to manage the product range and stock across all stores to meet customer demand is vital for business success.

With future expansion planned, Tiso recognised that its current stock management system, Prologic CIMS, was not able to accommodate the variety and number of items on sale for fast store replenishment, or the accurate stock management and sales data that it required for its merchandising team.

The Solution

Tiso chose Eurostop’s e-rmis stock management system, EPOS solution (e-pos touch) and the business intelligence (e-cubes) modules to provide the detailed management and replenishment that it required for its warehouse and 13 stores in the group. Eurostop provided features in the stock management system to enable detailed tracking of items from warehouse to store – from the exact shelf position in the warehouse, to the number of items despatched in each box, or carton, to each outlet. A quick scan of the barcoded carton allows tracking of all contained items on its transit to store, increasing accuracy of stock movements and efficiency of stock replenishment to store.

“The replenishment facility within e-rmis was exactly what we were looking for. It gives us far greater control of store stock replenishment, so we have an accurate view of the business,”

said Chris Tiso, Chief Executive of Tiso Stores.

Tiso warehouse replenishment

The Result

Faster, easier stock replenishment to meet customer demand

Eurostop’s system manages the entire process, from when items are picked using a wireless scanner, to packing in the cartons and loading in the delivery van. Codes on each item and box are recorded automatically so that each store knows what to expect and can check it against delivery, avoiding stock being sent to the wrong store or being left behind in the warehouse.

According to the size of the item, the store can then choose to scan the items in depending on value and size, for example, a carton may contain one bike, a dozen water bottles or hundreds of smaller items, like keyrings.

In addition to the auto-replenishment being more accurate and targeted, the warehouse operations themselves have been made more efficient. Picking lists are created automatically according to multiple target figures set by the merchandising team and the use of wireless scanners in the warehouse has streamlined the pick process, with no need to dock.

Added functionality enables accurate stock records

Tiso selected Eurostop for its ability to provide not only the stock management and replenishment but also the functionality to set up products initially on the system.

Using e-rmis enables products to be loaded onto the system in bulk from one spreadsheet, with details including SKUs, colours and sizes. Purchase orders can also be created in the same way, by importing a spreadsheet with supplier details, items, cost prices and quantity, saving time and preventing errors from re-keying.

Detailed reports help merchandise planning

For Tiso an important part of managing the business is the reporting functionality, for which e-cubes has been invaluable. The company can create customised reports providing the details they need to manage the business and to align with the bespoke reporting requirements of parent company, JD Sports.

“Customised reporting gives us the information we need on stores’ performance, especially important with our expansion plans. Our new Aviemore store will have even greater floor space for customers to try products – investing in Eurostop retail systems provides us with the technology in store to provide an even better customer experience from trial to purchase,”

said Tiso.

Eurostop’s API has also allowed for fast and robust integration of the online and physical channels, such that product information and sales are all connected across the entire retail estate, for an omnichannel approach According to Barry Loftus, IT Director at JD Sports;

“The API provides the right data in an easily readable form, which has allowed a solid integration to our online channel and fulfilment systems.”

Improved customer service in store

Tiso customer service EPOS

Eurostop’s connected systems have improved stock fulfilment to meet customer demand. In addition, Tiso has found the new EPOS solution easy to use for staff, with the added functionality making it simpler and faster to manage promotions and offers at the till point.

“Eurostop’s e-pos touch has been a big retail benefit for us – it’s user friendly, has more functionality and the promotional element is flexible to implement and use, important when customer service is a priority,”

said Chris Tiso.

About Tiso

Tiso is Scotland’s Leading Outdoor Clothing & Equipment Retailer. The company was founded in 1962 by mountaineer Graham Tiso with his wife Maude in Edinburgh. The company has since grown to become a household name, with 21 outlets in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, including the George Fisher business in Keswick. In 2014 the company increased its foothold in the market even further with investment by JD Sports.

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