Elevate Mother’s Day Sales with Mobile POS Solutions: A Guide for UK Retailers

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As Mother’s Day approaches, UK retailers are preparing to make the most of this celebration shopping period. It provides an ideal opportunity to promote your products to customers looking to treat their mothers on this special occasion. To maximise sales and provide an exceptional shopping experience, consider implementing a mobile POS system.

To get started, here the team of retail experts from Eurostop has collected some ways you can leverage an mPOS system to elevate your Mother’s Day sales.

Outlined below are some key points to consider:

Creating Thoughtfully Curated Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Mother’s Day gift baskets offer a convenient and customisable gifting option for customers seeking a curated selection of products. Take this opportunity to craft unique gift baskets that cater to different preferences and budgets. Consider particular themes such as relaxation, indulgence, or self-care, and fill each basket carefully with your chosen items. It provides an excellent opportunity to introduce or promote products to a potential new audience, and bundling with top sellers can help incentivise the purchase.

Understand Your Customers

Having a clear understanding of your customers’ shopping habits is essential in creating an effective sales strategy and preparing the most effective promotions.

Gain insights into your customers’ shopping habits and preferences with an omnichannel POS system. Analyse historical sales data to track trends and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. This might include being armed with the right targeted messaging, tailored ads, offers and the correct stock levels to meet demand. Knowing your customers and how they like to shop is key to meeting their needs and providing great customer service. Knowing your customers and considering their marketing preferences is also a key consideration. Although avenues and channels for outreach are growing every day, you will want to keep valuable customers on board by contacting them at the appropriate frequency with relevant content and also respecting any wishes for opting out of particular campaigns.

Consider Your Promotions

Manage Mother’s Day promotions seamlessly with mPOS systems. Consider offering gift cards, discounts and special deals to attract more foot or web traffic and drive sales.

Provide mPOS Solutions for Your Staff

Equip your staff with mobile POS solutions to assist customers on the floor. Mobile POS solutions make it easier for staff to communicate with customers directly on the floor and make sales. With the right mPOS system, they can easily access product information, check stock availability and process transactions directly from mobile devices. This is especially useful during busy promotional periods when demand is greater but you want to take the opportunity to leave customers with a very positive brand experience. An omnichannel POS estate with mPOS solutions enables employees to pull up info on customers’ past purchases to show them products they might enjoy.

Connected Advertising Solutions

As with many business processes data, in this case performance information, is invaluable. But there is no point collecting it unless you have the right tools to gain the right insights. When carrying out a promotional campaign, it’s important to invest time in analysing the results to see what was effective and what wasn’t so that you can react accordingly and get a real return on investment. Monitor the success of your Mother’s Day marketing campaigns in real-time with a global and interconnected dashboard and optimise your advertising efforts to maximise results. Not only can you keep an eye on what’s going on in your brick-and-mortar locations, but also online as well, ensuring you get the most out of your ad spend and marketing investment.

Providing Personalised Gifting Inspiration

One way to elevate your customers’ shopping experience is by offering personalised gifting inspiration tailored to their unique preferences and interests. Instead of generic gift suggestions, leverage data from past purchases and browsing history to curate a selection of thoughtful gift ideas.

Minimise Queues and Improve Efficiency

Keep queues short and enhance efficiency during busy periods with an mPOS system. Process payments from anywhere in the store for a flexible and seamless shopping experience.

Implementing an omnichannel POS solution can help ensure that your retail stores do not have long queues out the door during busy periods, such as Mother’s Day. The best POS systems enhance efficiency across all aspects of the selling and buying experience, allowing for quick handling of high customer footfall. Innovative POS solutions allow staff to process payments from anywhere, providing flexibility and the option to scale up with mobile sales and transactions directly on the shop floor. Additionally, omnichannel POS systems connect and synchronise your current POS estate to a central stock control system/ERP system which means you have a single and central view of your inventory allowing the business to merchandise, allocate and replenish efficiently and effectively, according to demand.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Offer a true omnichannel experience by connecting all touchpoints in the customer journey. Implement a central loyalty system to personalise offerings and ensure a consistent shopping experience.

The right POS system can improve customer service by assisting your brand to offer a true omnichannel experience. Customers will most likely interact with your brand across many touchpoints and multiple channels in their journey to purchase. In reality, these channels need to be powered with a connected system or tech stack to make the most of your data, ensure that it is accurate, and that you are able to offer a consistent and seamless shopping experience for your customers. This could involve a central customer loyalty system that stores and provides access to all data allowing you to promote suitable offerings to your customers; including marketing preferences. The GDPR has made it essential to adhere to gain marketing consent, but not only that, during this potentially sensitive time, you don’t want to be insensitive by reminding customers who prefer not to mark the occasion. This type of consideration can go a long way to making your valuable customers feel like they are important to you and keep them loyal to your brand for the long term.

In addition, keeping the shopping experience slick and frictionless is key to avoid customers abandoning a potential sale. As well as keeping in store queues short, being able to service them efficiently and offer relevant payment options and features such as scan and shop or digital receipts optimises your brand experience, which can be the differentiator when competing in a saturated market.

Offer Rewards for Referrals

Reward loyal customers and brand advocates with loyalty programs and referral incentives. Encourage customers to share their Mother’s Day purchases on social media to increase brand awareness.

An omnichannel POS estate makes it easy to reward loyal customers, as well as brand advocates. Implementing loyalty programs and providing rewards for customer referrals can all be tracked under one umbrella. You can even reward current customers who make Mother’s Day posts and tag your brand in them. In an era when customer reviews and word of mouth are so important, happy customers can be some of your most powerful brand ambassadors, with User Generated Content playing a significant role in influencing purchasing decisions and increasing brand awareness.

Get Prepared Early

Reach out to customers with details of your Mother’s Day deals well in advance. Utilise an optimised POS system connected to your loyalty program to automate communication and gain better oversight.

Reaching out to current and past customers with details of all the special Mother’s Day deals is an excellent way to encourage repeat purchasing and attract more customers. Utilising an optimised POS system that is connected to your loyalty system makes this process much easier, allowing you to automate the process and gain better oversight into who may be coming into your store before or on Mother’s Day.

Running Targeted Google Shopping Ads for Last-Minute Shoppers

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, many shoppers leave their Mother’s Day shopping until the last minute. To extend your reach and capture the attention of these procrastinators, invest in targeted Google Shopping ads designed to get their attention when they’re actively searching for gift ideas.

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