Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS)

Eurostop mobile POS

Our mobile point of sale (POS) solution, mpos, is an all in one device that fits in the palm of your hand, enabling you the freedom to sell from anywhere – in store, pop-up shops and events.

The single integrated payment device scans product information and takes a range of secure payments, empowering your retail staff and improving customer journey with mobile POS.


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Retail Systems Awards mpos

Point of Sale Technology of the Year

Shortlisted for Retail Systems Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce that mpos has now been shortlisted for Point Of Sale Technology of the Year by the Retail Systems Awards! This award selects from providers of point of sale technology that are doing something new, with judges looking for genuine innovation in this busy space.

sell on the go with mobile pos

Sell on the go

Sell anywhere

Mobile point of sale (POS) solutions allow you to provide a range of in store checkout options, for the best in store customer journey. Process sales quickly and efficiently or check stock availability with additional till points, even with limited floor space, allowing you to upscale easily to meet demand. Robust and streamlined units containing the latest POS technology offer your staff the flexibility to take payments anywhere on the shop floor using a single hand held device.

Using mobile point of sale (POS), you can even take sales at pop-up stores and special events.

mobile POS payment

Secure mobile payment options

Mobile Point of Sale supports a range of payment modes

Take secure contactless payments, Chip & PIN, swipe card or mobile wallet (including Google Pay and Apple Pay) payments from one device, no additional connected devices needed.

Digital receipts complete the streamlined process.

Improve customer journey

Eurostop's mpos gives you the opportunity to offer a personalised service

Talk to customers anywhere on the shop floor, collect customer preference information to serve them better, process payments from your mobile devices when footfall is high, or use your mpos to receive warehouse deliveries or confirm inter branch transfers, wherever you are or when your till points are busy. Offer the best service, and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Sell on the go

Process sales anywhere from a single, wireless integrated payment device

Payment modes

Offer a range of integrated payment modes – card, mobile wallet, loyalty points

Point & shoot scanning

A built in scan engine reads barcodes direct from the handheld device

Check stock inventory

Quick access to real-time stock inventory, both in store, or from across your EPOS estate

Promotions management

Supports all types of promotions and manual discounts

Mobile store operations

Use your mobile POS as an additional device to book in warehouse deliveries and IBTs

Mobile POS Features

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  • Sale / refund
  • Scan / key in SKU
  • Price over by line
  • Discount by item
  • Voiding item / transaction
  • Suspend transaction
  • Recall transaction
  • Receipt history
  • Stock enquiry
  • Assign sales person by line
  • Flash sales

Methods of Payment

  • Integrated card payment (Mag stripe / Chip / NFC / QR code)
  • Contactless payment
  • Google Pay / Apple Pay
  • Alipay, WeChat Pay (coming soon)
  • Multi tender
  • Loyalty Points


  • Digital receipts
  • Configurable logo and trailer

Customer Accounts (omnichannel)

  • Customer setup
  • Add to mailing list
  • Loyalty points
  • Custom fields
  • Real-time estate wide visibility


  • Complex promotions
  • Customer promotions


  • Multilingual

Unified Commerce

  • Real-time sync to Head Office
  • Seamless connection to multichannel & business systems e.g. ERP, Accounting

Mobile Store Operations

  • Warehouse deliveries
  • Inter branch transfers
  • Stock room request

Shop Performance

  • Best Seller Report by today, yesterday, last month/week, user defined
  • Top Sales Report by today, yesterday, last month/week, user defined


  • Secure logins
  • Permissions for functions
  • Permissions for report access


  • Wireless and integrated PCI compliant payment
  • 1D and 2D barcode scanning
  • 4G, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi 2.4G/5GHz connectivity
  • Charging base included
  • Removable lithium battery
  • Built in scan engine