What is Stock Control Software & How Can it Benefit You?

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What is Stock Control Software & How Can it Benefit You?

If you own a retail business, streamlining the stock control process can help you save money, better serve customers, and keep a closer eye on your inventory. However, sometimes, it’s easier said than done. That’s why many retail businesses opt for investing in reliable stock control software, like the solutions offered by Eurostop.

But if you’re still unsure as to whether a stock control system will benefit your business, here are some insightful facts about what they do and the advantages they have.

What is Stock Control Software?

Also known as inventory control systems, the main function of stock control software is to manage all the supply chain processes that affect the inventory of your retail establishment. This includes purchasing and product sales, in addition to deliveries, storage inputs, product tracking, product turnover, shipping and receiving, and reordering. Many stock control systems are also compatible with eCommerce sites, enabling retailers to manage all their inventory flow under one umbrella.

For many retailers, the processes mentioned above are often divided into different departments. However, even if this is the case with your business, a stock control system will allow you to perform each step more efficiently and ensure nothing is overlooked. This is because all these processes will fall under a single system that can be accessed by multiple users from any location.

Some of the most attractive features of stock control software include:

  • Projecting Inventory Needs
  • Accurate Recording of Inventory Data
  • Retrieval of Products from Warehouses
  • Sales Information
  • Customer Histories
  • Vendor Management
  • Report Generation
  • Automatic Stock Regeneration

What Are the Benefits of Stock Control Software?

Software for shop stock control can provide a wide range of benefits to retailers of any size. One of the primary benefits of investing in a stock control system rather than tracking sales and inventory the old-fashioned way is that it helps you maintain better control and visibility over your stock. It also enables retailers to consolidate other processes that affect stock, like sales and purchasing.

Additionally, a stock control system will automatically update any changes regarding inventory in your system, so all your inventory will be accurate every time you make a sale or purchase. Stock control software also offers a host of reporting options so you can compare your sales successes from month to month and identify areas that need improvement.

Let Eurostop help you get a handle on stock and inventory control!

If the above benefits of stock control software have inspired you to take the next step, then Eurostop would love to show you how our systems work. You can contact us online to learn more about our EPOS and retail solutions or call +44 (0)20 8991 2700.


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