Fiscalisation refers to fiscal law, which aims to prevent retailer fraud. It ensures that VAT transactions are reported and paid correctly to the authorities. Fiscal law can vary greatly between countries that have adopted fiscalisation, so for retailers operating internationally, it can be extremely challenging, expensive and time consuming to ensure compliance. Italy was the

Is it time to update your point-of-sale software? Modern retail EPOS software offers numerous advantages that weren’t available just a few years before.  In particular, today’s retail EPOS systems are going to be beneficial to businesses looking to embrace digital transformation and move towards a data-based approach to their work. Here are some of the

So, you’ve decided to invest in your retail EPOS software.  That’s an excellent decision!  More and more businesses are investing in digital transformation, and for many retail operations, that begins with a vendor that can provide a unified commerce approach.  Your retail EPOS system can streamline day-to-day operations, while also collecting and collating huge amounts

The retail sector is all about one thing: serving your customers in the best manner possible to ensure you build an ongoing relationship with them to keep them coming back time and again. That’s all good and well, but nowadays easier said than done in a highly competitive market. For those looking for new ways

When it comes to running a retail establishment, there’s certainly a lot of data to keep track of, like sales, customer data, inventory, products information, etc. Having the right technology at your disposal, like a reliable retail POS system, is one of the best ways you can keep costs down and revenue up. As one

Using the right technology to improve your stock control helps to streamline your business, reduce costs and ultimately increase productivity – and profit. Before investing in the latest technology to manage your inventory, we’ve put together three essential things to include on your checklist: Stock control software saves time and money Stock control systems track

When it comes to improving productivity and profits at your retail location(s), few investments can potentially pay off more than purchasing retail ePOS systems. Electronic Point-of-Sale software is a rich and mature sector of retail support, offering numerous features that streamline your workflow while improving customer experience. Of course, all POS software will be able

Modern retail technology is changing the playing field for all retailers, benefitting both large brands and smaller, independent businesses. The latest retail POS can now act as a conduit for all aspects of a retailer’s business, from finance and sales to logistics and social media marketing. At Eurostop we’ve spotted five trends in retail EPOS

It’s easy to look at a point-of-sale system in terms of the advantages it brings you.  Retail POS software improves your ability to track stock, analyze sales trends, predict future seasonal needs, and more. However, the benefits of a quality ePOS system go beyond that.  They can also be powerful tools for improving the experience for your customers as