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We are delighted to announce the release of our new product e-manager. This new software sits between your ERP system and your EPOS solution enabling synchronisation of product and pricing data. e-manager enables retailers of any size or geography to benefit from the specialist nature of our EPOS solution while using their own ERP system. At the same time, you are able to use e-manager to build resilience and scale-out into your systems as store level data can be held across one or multiple server farms.

Available in the cloud, in-house or at a third party hosting site, e-manager can be deployed as a single, remote, small footprint database. For larger organisations, multiple copies can be deployed, where each instance holds a subset of data, controlling a specific range of stores. These become networked in a server farm; synchronising and managing store level data in a pyramid fashion to ensure maximum availability.

e-manager also comes with a comprehensive configuration dashboard that provides essential information and tools to remote IT teams. It allows monitoring of the online status of your e-pos estate, and also controls when new operating parameters are to be transmitted across the whole estate, an international or local region or to individual terminals within a store.

Also driving the e-commerce platform, e-manager ensures that multiple product codes remain identical across Omni-channel points and store servers.

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