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What’s new this month?

Premium email receipts and Facebook online-to-offline attribution are now available on e-pos touch with our partner yReceipts.

Why do I need Email Receipts?

More than just a digital record of your customers’ transactions, this powerful connection captures customer data and links your in-store transactions to any of your nominated databases as well as offline transactions to your online campaigns, bringing the brand channel experiences together. Collecting a customer’s email address for digital receipts opens up a vital opportunity for further personalised marketing, customer conversations and engagement, which can ultimately drive loyalty.

Customer engagement leads to customer retention – Engaged customers are five times more likely to buy only from the same brand in the future1

As retailers, it’s important to build a personal connection with your customers, which can be strengthened over time. Digital receipts are an ideal mechanism for continuing this conversation started in your stores. You can request customer feedback and reviews, encourage sign up for brand news, and offer personalised promotions and information to drive repeat visits into store, promoting further engagement with the brand.

Does it work?

Customers have been shown to be receptive to receiving further information via a digital receipt, and so why not use the opportunity to develop closer customer relationships by building on a mutually beneficial relationship across digital touchpoints?

64% of consumers are open to receiving additional marketing content via their digital receipt2

Alexander Kayser, co-founder of yReceipts said; “At yReceipts we are committed to providing a digital receipt service that enables our clients to turn an in-store transaction into the starting point of an interactive digital relationship with the customer. The receipt is only the tip of the iceberg as it links the customer to the transaction. Digital Receipts are another one of those touchpoints and give the brand a voice, build customer loyalty and create sustainable value in the retailer’s digital ecosystem.”

Deborah Loh, Marketing Manager at Eurostop said; “Forward thinking retailers understand that customer convenience is paramount and that the customer journey is no longer linear. They often have a multichannel path to purchase, using an array of connected devices. At Eurostop we are committed to providing the solutions and environment that enable retailers to take a more agile approach when it comes to interacting with their customers, running their business and providing great customer service.”

How quickly can I get it?

In no time. Eurostop and yReceipts have integrated with your time and desire to capture data in mind. You’ll flush your database with fresh data and wow you customers with this new in-store digital service in less then 14 days.

Sign up for the free trial

Until the end of August 2017, we are offering an opportunity to sign up for a free one month trial.Contact Eurostop quoting reference JULYR01.

1According to a study by Rosetta
2According to research conducted by YouGov for Bronto Software and NetSuite.


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