Atis Artemjevs, Italian inspired designer, opens flagship store in London

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Atis Artemjevs new independent boutique to showcase exclusive collection selects proven IT retail systems

Atis Artemjevs, a new independent boutique selling luxury womenswear based in London’s prestigious Fulham Road, has chosen e-rmis and e-pos, the retail management system from Eurostop, a provider of solutions to the fashion and footwear sector. The newly opened store hosts a unique collection designed by founder and London based designer Atis Artemjevs. His exclusive range is made in ltaly using only high quality French and Italian fabrics. The designer selected Eurostop’s system for its ease of use for stock management and sales reporting and its proven track record in retail.

For Autumn/Winter 2012/2013, Atis Artemjevs drew inspiration from the sun; its structure, energy and power. Dresses are a strong focus of this latest collection as Artemjevs experiments with the layering of silks, including details like sequin appliqué encased in organza, as well as bold ornamental designs such as extravagant oversized pleated bows that reference an explosion of energy.

Store Manager Addi Aegisdottir, who was instrumental in the decision to choose Eurostop, said; “I have worked in retail in London for a long time and for many well known prestigious brands, including Browns and All Saints. I have used Eurostop systems and found them very easy to use. When you are working in a retail environment the last thing you want to worry about is how the till works and whether you can capture the right sales information. I know with Eurostop I can get all the information I need for reports to analyse sales at the click of a button.

“We are a small company with ambitious plans to expand and so it is important I can manage the stock efficiently now and that the system will accommodate our growth in the future. Eurostop’s experience with both smaller independent stores and large retailers gives us the confidence that we have the right system from day one.”

The Atis Artemjevs store replaced its existing stock management system with Eurostop and is using both e-rmis and e-pos at the tillpoint to manage its stock. Sales are recorded and Addi Aegisdottir uses the reporting functionality to identify both hot sellers and slow movers in the seasonal collections.

Phillip Moylan, Sales & Marketing Manager at Eurostop said, “Eurostop’s systems have been designed to support the business challenges that a retailer faces. Managing stock and keeping profitable are important to all retailers, whatever their size. Not only do our systems support fledgling businesses, they can easily scale up to underpin the operations of large fashion retailers with many outlets and even multiple sales channels.”


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