What Features Does a Great Retail EPOS System Have?

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The old-style cash register is quickly going away in favor of retail EPOS systems.  Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS) software offers an all-in-one solution for processing sales, alongside a wide range of other features that modern retailers need in a data-focused world.  They’re easier to use than traditional registers, and more cost-effective as well.

There are plenty of venders offering retail EPOS systems, so which are the best?  It generally just boils down to the feature set.  These are some of the must-haves if your EPOS software is going to be worth the investment.

4 Critical Features of Retail EPOS Systems

1. Live and accurate stock information

One of the best features an EPOS can offer is direct stock tracking, easily seen within the software.  This eliminates the need for separate stock control software.  The system should be able to provide accurate information about products, so customer questions can be easily answered, as well as displaying current stock levels so that you can easily see when it’s time to restock.  Ideally, it should be able to pull stock information from multiple outlets as well.

2. Easy collection and collation of customer loyalty data

Understanding your customers and their behavior is vital in today’s retail world and EPOS software can make that significantly easier.  A good EPOS system should make it simple for employees to capture critical customer information, with a minimum of inconvenience to the customer.  Additionally, it should be able to sort and display that data quickly, allowing you to investigate buyer trends that can be acted upon.

3. Upsell potential

Upsells are a crucial interaction in any retail environment and this is another feature that can be integrated into an EPOS to good effect.  Checkout employees can be prompted to ask for upsells and those upsells can even be based in part on the customer’s data history.  

Some EPOS systems even allow for customized customer-facing displays, which can be a great additional sales tool when making upsell pitches.

4. Robust reporting features

Data is the backbone of modern business, but you need accurate data analysis and reporting to make use of it.  EPOS systems should be able to provide robust reporting options that help you spot sales trends that go beyond individual purchases and focus instead on the big picture.

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