Training Retail Staff: 4 Great Ideas

Written by Eurostop

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training retail staff

The right EPOS system can unlock a whole range of new opportunities for retail establishments to improve customer retention, make tasks easier forsales staff, and reach the ultimate goal of a connected and hyper-personalised consumer experience. In Eurostop’s experience, a common customer concern can be the ability to maintain operations while the new system beds in.  Having a smooth rollout, with minimal disruption to the business,  is an important part of the process. That’s why effective training of retail staff is an integral part of migrating POS estates.

Here the team from Eurostop offers some leading tips for training your company’s staff members!


1. Train Retail Staff Directly on Your New EPOS System

When implementing/renewing POS estates, training retail staff directly on your business’s new system will provide invaluable, hands-on experience and insight into the proper processes. A variety of training resources may exist, such as videos and manuals, but nothing can compare with hands-on experience. When employees begin training, set up the new system exactly the way it will be once it’s implemented and used on the floor. Familiarising staff before migrating systems will build confidence and minimise confusion, as well as queues of customers during the checkout process.

2. Complete Real Transactions on Your Business’s New System

After the new retail software is implemented, have retail staff complete some real transactions to ensure they feel comfortable. Test it by completing different purchases and processing different types of payments, transactions and POS lookups to provide a valuable learning experience. The best EPOS systems allow for simulations of different situations, such as declined credit card payments and other things. This way they’ll already know how to troubleshoot issues.

3. Provide Retail Staff Time to Acclimate Themselves

You must provide your business’s retail staff with the proper amount of time to acclimate themselves to your new POS estate, rather than simply throwing them behind the cash register. Part of the training process is developing the right muscle memory to easily perform tasks like ringing up purchases or processing returns. It may be necessary to spend individual time with retail team members who are struggling more than others to adapt.

4. Ask for Retail Staff Feedback

After you’ve implemented and begun using your business’s new EPOS software, ask employees for feedback. Are there any problems that are arising either individually ot across the board? It may be that further training is required, potential features are not being used to their maximum potential, or that your POS vendor may be able to assist in customising the system for any particular requirements that you have. What are some of the benefits your employees are seeing? This can help your retail establishment implement the best system and tweak it to make it easier for staff to use.

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