Must-Have Features in Retail EPOS Systems for 2021 & Beyond

Written by Eurostop

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Retail EPOS Systems

Must-Have Features in Retail EPOS Systems for 2021 and Beyond

As with all technology, retail EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale) systems are continuing to evolve and improve every year.  You probably already have an EPOS system in place, but if it’s been more than a few years, chances are it’s lacking many of the features that are now coming to be seen as standard – and expected.

This won’t simply put you at a disadvantage relative to other retailers with more modern systems.  It can even harm your customer experience, and good CX is critical for holding onto customers.  Today’s retail EPOS systems are robust and full-featured, capable of handling a wide variety of tasks at once which saves time and money while improving service.

For example…

Full Mobile Payment Support

EPOS systems are no longer locked to physical sites.  The best EPOS service providers also offer dedicated highly secure mobile devices which can do everything an in-store POS system can but in a handheld form.  This allows your representatives to go anywhere and make sales wherever they may be.  It can even enable service reps to directly place orders while working with a customer.

Mobile EPOS systems are also perfect for trade shows, fairs, and pop-up stores.

Direct Access To Your CRM

EPOS systems don’t merely process payments – they can be connected directly to your Customer Relationship Management system or other customer databases.  Staff processing sales can see all relevant information on the shopper, which gives them extra intelligence for offering relevant up sales and other services.  This can also speed up the checkout process when nearly all needed information is already available at the salesperson’s fingertips.

Accepting A Wider Variety Of Payments

The number of payment methods a person might want to use has skyrocketed in the past decade.  Consumers have come to expect numerous types of electronic payment systems such as mobile wallets, contactless (NFC) payments,  not to mention Buy Now, Pay Later ( BNPL) and cryptocurrencies.  Which payment types you choose to accept will depend on your needs, but broadly speaking, accepting more types of payments will benefit both you and your customers by offering choice and convenience.

Ease Of Use

Fortunately, all these new features don’t make current EPOS systems overly difficult to use.  Advances in user interfaces have enabled highly robust retail EPOS devices which are also easy and intuitive to use.  This reduces training costs, as well as speeding up checkouts – another way to improve your CX.

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