Five Things You Need in A Point-of-Sale System

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A great Point-of-Sale (POS) system is a must-have for retailers of all sizes, particularly those looking to sell their goods online, as well as at one or more physical locations.  However, there are numerous POS software packages on the market, and sorting through them can be a real challenge.  How do you find POS software that will meet your needs today, while also being scalable enough to grow alongside your business in the years to come?

It’s all in the feature set.  These are all features you might not see in some POS packages, particularly older ones, but are necessary if you want to make the most of your investment.

Five Must-Haves in Point-of-Sale Software

  1. Syncing online and offline activity

You shouldn’t have to treat your online and offline sales as two separate entities.  A modern POS software package should be able to handle both at once.  Look for features that keep track of stock across all sales outlets, online included, along with robust reporting and alert features that keep everything consistent.

  1. Empowering your staff

The easier it is for your staff to use your POS software, the better it is for everyone.  Your employees will have better morale, and your customers will see better service.  Every user should be able to log in with their own ID and have a customizable dashboard they can set up according to their preferences and workflow.  An intuitive GUI is a must!

  1. Included training and support

The last thing you ever want to see is a sale halted because an employee had to call for assistance.  Your POS vendor should offer robust training and support options, either as separate seminars or – better yet – integrated directly into the product.  If you ever do need to call for technical support, you should have many different options for how to do this.

  1. Marketing campaign integration

Your POS will be one of your most valuable repositories of customer data, and you should be able to leverage that data for marketing.  A top-tier POS software package doesn’t merely enable sales, it also integrates marketing tools which bring new opportunities to reach out to your customers.

  1. Supporting your business’s growth

Finally, look to the future.  How easy will it be to expand the POS system to new registers, or new locations?  Can it support “pop up” short-term sales outlets, such as at fairs and expos?  Does it utilize open technology standards, for easier modification over time?  These are all highly valuable features.


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