How to Choose the Right Retail EPOS System for Your Needs 

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Retail EPOS System

Running a retail shop isn’t always a walk in the park: there are inventory and ordering to keep track of, in addition to managing employees and ensuring that your customers receive the very best service. That’s why many retailers try and take a bit of the work off their hands by investing in a reliable retail EPOS system, like the ones available from Eurostop. Switching over to retail EPOS software can help streamline processes and keep better track of your inventory.

If you’re considering installing an EPOS system, here are some tips to ensure that you choose the very best one for your needs.

Know What’s More Important: Features, Cost, & Transaction Execution

Choosing by Features

For some, the final choice might come down to features; others, the overall cost of the system. When choosing your retail EPOS system by features, it’s important to know which ones you’ll need. Some of the mandatory features included in any retail EPOS software package will be inventory management and reporting, credit and debit card processing, delivery tracking, inventory breakdown by size and color (for shoe and fashion retailers), and customer and employee management solutions.

For some retailers, separating your EPOS system from your stock control software may be the best way to keep track of your inventory and oversee all your sales processes.

Choosing by Cost

Cost may be an important factor when it comes to selecting an EPOS system. However, we recommend that you consider whether your selected retail system is going to support your future plans. Will it enable you to scale up your EPOS estate as you grow? Does it have the correct support service plans to enable you to operate efficiently now? Having an idea of how the overall installation and implementation costs are determined both over the short and long term will help you get the most out of your investment.

Transaction Execution

Another important consideration to make is how you want transactions to be executed with your new EPOS software. Nowadays, most EPOS systems will be equipped with a barcode reader to scan the item/s a customer is purchasing. Some systems may also employ a touchscreen in addition to a scanner. These accessories will impact how your staff process transactions so select the ones most efficient for your retail needs.

Let us be your premier retail EPOS systems provider!

Do you want to streamline your retail processes, keep better track of orders, and track purchases? The cutting-edge retail EPOS software and hardware available from Eurostop makes it easy. In addition to our EPOS solutions, we also offer inventory control services, eCommerce integration services, and more.

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