Trotters independent childrenswear retailer re-opens using Mobile POS from Eurostop to meet social distancing rules

Written by Deborah Loh

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Mobile POS aids customer journey and consumer confidence in meeting government guidelines

Trotters, an independent childrenswear retailer and longstanding user of Eurostop systems, is using mpos, a one-device mobile POS solution to support social distancing as part of its reopening measures. Trotters’ staff is using mpos to serve customers individually on the shopfloor including providing the option to pay, to help avoid busy till points and manage social contact instore to meet the new guidelines.

The Eurostop mpos solution is based on the Sunmi P2 Lite and provides in built scanning, EPOS and integrated card payments on one device.

“We have spent a long time working out how we could welcome customers back whilst adhering to the latest government guidelines on social distancing,” said Natasha Lunney, COO at Trotters. “We were due to celebrate trading for 30 years this year and it’s the first time in our history that we’ve been faced with such a challenge. Eurostop’s mpos has definitely helped in our flagship store as we’re able to serve customers from anywhere on the shop floor, making the customer journey much less stressful and helping to keep to the new social distancing measures.”

Jeremy Rodrigues, Product Manager at Eurostop added; “Eurostop’s focus has always been to develop technology solutions that meet the needs of retailers. The opportunity to start re-opening stores is welcome news, although we recognise it brings new challenges as retailers balance business needs with new stringent social distancing guidelines. mpos and MyShoppr® are mobile and app based solutions that both enable retailers to improve the customer journey, while complying with the new rules.”

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Deborah Loh

E-commerce & Marketing Manager at Eurostop Ltd.

Deborah is passionate about digital, retail innovation and the engaging experiences they drive today. With background in ecommerce, and traditional retail systems, she heads up the Marketing Department at Eurostop and digital experience with the brand.