Eurostop launches suite of Mobile Retail apps for optimising stock in warehouses and stores

Written by Deborah Loh

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A range of mobile retail apps designed to manage retail inventory with ease.

WHapp, STapp and SKapp run on Android mobile devices to provide flexible and on the go options for managing stock throughout your retail estate with accuracy and ease. Available on monthly rental plans, these affordable apps enable retailers to scale up or down with their chosen apps, without commitment, which is ideal in these challenging times.

When run on devices with in built scanning, they provide true freedom and flexibility to accurately manage and make the most of stock in the business, without the need for docking between operations.

With options to run on WiFi or SIM, and online and offline modes, the apps can be used anywhere.

WHapp comprises goods in functionality, against single or multiple purchase orders, automatic purchase order matching using ordered delivery drop dates, store replenishment and online single or bulk order picking, with multi location order sourcing, efficient bin to bin or bin to trolley movements, and transfers out to store or secondary warehouse.

The store app, STapp, allows mobile management of stock location, receiving deliveries, fulfilment options and transfers to store and returns to warehouse.

SKapp affords retailers the options to take full or partial stocktakes both in store, or in the warehouse, with or without locations. With stocktakes being performed in house, when it is convenient, not only can retailers identify and reduce shrinkage, but also reduce operating costs and stock expenditure.

Furthermore, the connected suite of apps communicate seamlessly with Eurostop’s Head Office system to ensure that a single view of stock is accurate at all times.

The apps are already being rolled out to several customers including Robert Goddard, Choice Stores, and SuitDirect, part of the Baird Group.

Roy Meunier, Solutions Consultant at Eurostop said

‘Our quick and reliable apps allow retailers to manage retail operations on the go, replacing time consuming manual operations, which can be resource heavy and prone to error. They are extremely easy to use, which means that you can get up and running quickly, minimising training requirements.’

Find out more about our mobile retail apps, or arrange a free, no obligation online demo.

Deborah Loh

E-commerce & Marketing Manager at Eurostop Ltd.

Deborah is passionate about digital, retail innovation and the engaging experiences they drive today. With background in ecommerce, and traditional retail systems, she heads up the Marketing Department at Eurostop and digital experience with the brand.