Eurostop Helps Pulsara Grow Retail, Wholesale, & Online Business

Written by Deborah Loh

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Unified commerce becomes reality for leading independent dancewear company with Eurostop’s connected stock control system

Pulsara Dancewear

Founded in 1972, Pulsara is a leading provider of dancewear, stocking famous brands for customers dedicated to dance including Só Dança, Bloch, and Non Passo ho Danza. Pulsara has selected Eurostop’s connected retail systems for use throughout its operations, warehouse, retail outlets and online brands. The Eurostop system will manage stock across its warehouse for the wholesale and distribution business as well as its Dance World retail outlets. Eurostop will also provide a single view of stock across all business operations with seamless connection to online channels.

The Eurostop connected stock control system was chosen for its ability to provide a complete end to end solution, from Eurostop’s retail POS, e-pos touch, on the till points to e-rmis head office stock control software including warehouse fulfilment and allocation for its retail outlets. More streamlined stock fulfilment, efficient distribution, customised business intelligence using Eurostop e-cubes reports, will all enable Pulsara to achieve efficiencies across its operations, supporting its business expansion and growth.

A Connected Retail System

A key benefit of the connected retail systems for Dance World will be improved inter-branch transfers between different store locations. Staff at head office, store and warehouse locations will also all be able to access the centralised stock system simultaneously, providing complete visibility across the business. Many time-consuming, manual tasks will be streamlined by the new automated processes.

Barcode scanners will be integrated with the Eurostop system speeding up stock takes in the retail outlets and the warehouse. Moving and tracking stock easily across its retail estate will also give the management team an accurate, up to the minute status on company stock.

The Eurostop system will connect to the existing Visualsoft eCommerce platform improving processes dramatically. This will not only enable Pulsara to optimise processes and improve efficiency, but also drive ecommerce sales, providing the potential for online sales growth.

“Eurostop’s systems will enable us to address the challenges that we face working as a wholesaler and retailer that operates cross channel,” stated Stephen Rock, CEO at Pulsara. “We will now have an accurate overview of stock spanning all aspects of the business. In addition, we will be able operate more efficiently, from the barcode scanning to recording and tracking of items across our integrated sales operations, through to fulfilment, making it easier to manage and grow our online business. Eurostop’s global footprint was a big factor in our decision to choose them as our EPOS provider. China is where future retail is being imagined and with operations in the Far East, Eurostop is at the centre of these developments.”

Pulsara Stock

Stephen continued; “The flexible and easy to use reporting functionality will provide increased visibility of sales and stock data and support business decisions that we take as a result. This improved stock management will give us time savings, cost efficiencies and – importantly a key priority for us – improved customer service across the board.

From day one, working with Eurostop has been a joy. Their attention to detail and seamless communication cannot be commended enough”

Eurostop’s business intelligence solution e-cubes will enable Stephen and the team at Pulsara to see what is selling well and understand customer behaviour, and to better estimate inventory needs. e-rmis stock control will provide visibility of inventory, so that wastage/shrinkage is minimised and responsive re-ordering will help to reduce stocks of unpopular lines. In addition, Pulsara will be able create loyalty discounts and promotions based on purchasing data from the stock control and POS systems.

“Businesses that have combined wholesale and retail operations need to have accurate stock records in order to fulfil very different customer requirements. Eurostop’s connected systems are unique in that they have been designed to streamline and automate operations across both types of business, removing many error-prone, manual tasks. The resulting benefits of efficient stock management enable companies like Pulsara to ensure that they can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, maximise stock levels and profits,” commented Stuart Ward, Business Development Manager at Eurostop.

Deborah Loh

E-commerce & Marketing Manager at Eurostop Ltd.

Deborah is passionate about digital, retail innovation and the engaging experiences they drive today. With background in ecommerce, and traditional retail systems, she heads up the Marketing Department at Eurostop and digital experience with the brand.