Prestige Design invests in Eurostop retail systems for rush on Autumn term schoolwear

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Independent supplier of personalised workwear and school uniform gets ready for back to school with latest touchscreen sales and stock retail systems

prestigeEurostop has announced that Prestige Design, an established independent supplier of personalised work and school wear, has invested in its retail software. Prestige Design is using e-rmis for stock management and e-pos at tillpoint in its main store outlet to manage sales of school uniform supplies for 49 schools.  The company states that using Eurostop retail and EPOS systems will help staff manage the summer rush for new uniforms, while improved stock management also enables it to secure priority orders and discounts.

 Jackie Ginger, Manager at Prestige Design said; “Eurostop’s e-pos touch screen POS tills are easy to use and make it easier for our staff at the busiest time for school uniform sales at the end of the summer holidays.

“We have recently expanded and our store is now three times the size it was previously – we have been able to manage the increased stock lines using e‑rmis. We can also now predict what styles and sizes to order for next year and through early buying in November we can secure better discounts and priority payment.”

The team at Prestige Design also visits schools during the end of school term during June and July to take early orders which are processed during the summer months. The stock orders are linked to the company’s Sage Accounts systems, making stock reconciliation easier.

Jackie added: “Many parents still leave buying to the last few weeks before term starts, with Eurostop systems I can use the reports to help me plan and manage these peak demands and make sure we have the right lines in for the new school year.”

Deborah Loh, Marketing Manager at Eurostop said; “Companies like Prestige Design can meet seasonal customer demand if they have reliable sales data that they can use to predict what will be needed. Eurostop systems help stores to capture sales data accurately which help to predict future demand, ensuring less wastage and the right lines and sizes are in stock at the right time – better for customers and the bottom line.”


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