Eurostop publishes Step by Step guide to Omni Channel Retailing

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Eurostop, a leading supplier to the fashion, footwear and lifestyle sectors has published a white paper outlining a Step by Step approach to implementing omni-channel retailing. While some retailers will attempt the ‘big bang’ approach, this will not suit every retailer or every budget. This white paper sets out an alternative.

The key to a successful omni-channel implementation, which is explored in the paper, is to take a platform approach to retail systems.  This avoids the integration issues that have dogged many multi-channel retail projects and ensures that each element of the system works perfectly with every other element.  Fully integrated systems provide a better shopping experience for customers, which boosts sales.  It also saves time and ensures integrity of data allowing the retailer to take decisions across all business departments, confident in the knowledge that they have all the available facts to support that decision.

By selecting a vendor that can supply an end-to-end solution, mid-sized and independent retailers can choose the functionality they need, and add to the system over time as their business expands.

Good omni-channel solutions come with a variety of implementation options, including in-house, and hosted/managed, or cloud.  So as well as taking a Step by Step approach, retailers can also avoid upfront expenditure on additional hardware/servers to run the systems, instead opting for a managed/hosted solution where the system is managed and maintained off site with all updates to the system happening automatically.

For a copy of the white paper: Omni-Channel Retail – Step by Step please contact Andreina West: 01491 639500,


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Eurostop Ltd provides omnichannel retail software and services to international retailers in the fashion, footwear and retail industries.

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