What You Should Look for In A Retail EPOS Software Package

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Is it time to update your point-of-sale software?

Modern retail EPOS software offers numerous advantages that weren’t available just a few years before.  In particular, today’s retail EPOS systems are going to be beneficial to businesses looking to embrace digital transformation and move towards a data-based approach to their work.

Here are some of the features you should look for in a new EPOS system – and the benefits they could bring you.

Four Features to Consider When You Upgrade Your Retail EPOS Software

  1. Multi-Channel Retailing and Single View of Stock

Chances are that in the modern world, you don’t do all your sales face-to-face.  Most retail brands today host online sales channels as well – and their EPOS system should be compatible with this multichannel approach!  A good EPOS software package can integrate with your e-tail software.  This doesn’t merely help you track stock across your entire business, it also offers numerous potential customer benefits, such as connected customer experiences like collect in store options.

  1. Compatibility with Your Payment Processor(s)

The world of payment options has expanded drastically in the past few years – has your old EPOS system been able to keep up?  With different types of digital transactions, contactless payments, even digital currency like Bitcoin, there are a lot of new ways you can make it more convenient for your customers to spend.  Supporting more payment choices will bring in more customers who appreciate flexible options that are suit them.

  1. How Handheld Devices Are Utilized

Some EPOS software supports the use of handheld devices, like smartphones and tablets for taking payment.   Other solutions have their own dedicated hardware, which can require additional investment, but often pays off in terms of reliability, fit for purpose and durability.  For example an all in one scanning and payment device will ensure that you are able to scan barcodes quickly, every time, and not have to worry about wireless connection to additional devices.

  1. Strong Customer Service

Don’t only look at the hardware and software features, also look at the vendor.  You may have a need to call tech support for your EPOS, and the vendor should be able to offer full support during your local store hours.  You don’t want to be left hanging if the customer has a problem, and you don’t know how to resolve it.

Embrace Modern Retail EPOS Software with Eurostop

Eurostop is one of the most-trusted EPOS system vendors in the world, with options to fit businesses of any size and budget.  Contact us to discuss your needs!


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