How to Find the Best Cheap EPOS System for your Startup Business

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As a new business, establishing a strong customer base and offering great customer service from day one is important. It’s these things that will make your business enduring and help expand its client base. That’s why, if you run a retail establishment, implementing a cheap EPOS system that’s reliable is essential.

As one of today’s leaders in efficient and affordable EPOS systems and stock control software, Eurostop has collected some insightful information for you below to help you choose the best one for your business.

Find a System that’s In-Line with Your Business Goals

When it comes to retail, you want to select an EPOS system that provides the most returns possible for your budget. So, when searching, always keep this mind in addition to finding one that will be the best for your current or projected customer base. Your goal should be to have a system that monitors and manages cash flow and inventory, while simultaneously providing a great customer experience.

Choose a Comprehensive EPOS Package

There are a wide variety of free or low-budget EPOS software applications out there. However, these often come with hidden costs. For example, you might choose a free service then quickly find out that the support solutions and extra services are not available or cost an arm and a leg. It’s also important to consider if you’re planning on expanding your business in the future and choose an EPOS software package that can accommodate such growth.

EPOS System Criteria to Look For

When it comes to choosing a new EPOS system for your retail business, it’s important to select one that covers all your needs. For example, fashion retailers will benefit from a system designed with capabilities for products with both colour and size variants. This enables retailers to manage stock at both the SKU and product level.

Other important criteria include:

  • Hardware: Ensure the hardware that comes with your new EPOS system is the most up-to-date and efficient available.
  • Setup: Make certain setup is included unless you have the appropriate resources in-house.
  • Training: Ensure that hands-on training for your retail staff is included.
  • Support: Your new EPOS system should include support that is available during your business hours. If you choose a provider that’s overseas, make certain this support is compatible.
  • Data Importation: To make certain no important customer or retail data is lost when your new system is implemented, ensure your new EPOS system providers can import historical data.
  • Communication Capability: Be sure that the new system you choose enables you to monitor stock and sales across all your assets and locations, without manual updates.

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