What Do you Want in Retail ePOS Systems?

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When it comes to improving productivity and profits at your retail location(s), few investments can potentially pay off more than purchasing retail ePOS systems. Electronic Point-of-Sale software is a rich and mature sector of retail support, offering numerous features that streamline your workflow while improving customer experience.

Of course, all POS software will be able to handle the basics, such as checkout tasks. The trick is to find the ePOS systems capable of going beyond and delivering the most return on your investment. These are some of the features to look for.

Four Key Features in Modern Retail ePOS Systems

1. A full hardware package

Consumers have more payment options today than ever before, and it pays to support as many of those options as possible.  The best way to achieve this is to choose an ePOS system that includes all the hardware you need.  This should include, at a minimum,

  • Dual screens: one staff-facing, one customer-facing
  • Secure cash draw
  • Barcode scanner
  • Integrated Chip and PIN
  • Receipt printer

Support for other e-payment systems is also a plus. The more smoothly the ePOS software supports multiple hardware options, the easier sales will be for everyone.

2. Reliable support

Even the easiest-to-use retail ePOS systems will have glitches from time to time or situations that occur where a staff member is unsure how to utilize the system.  You should purchase from a vendor who offers robust and reliable support that will be able to respond whenever an issue arises.

3. Modernized security features

We are in an age of cyber-crime, and it’s on each business to protect themselves -and their customers- from theft and fraud.  Too many ePOS systems lack robust security, so that should be a major concern in your purchase.  Your POS should be fully compliant with industry standards and best-practice recommendations, along with strong encryption and security when dealing with electronic payment systems like eWallets.  If you are taking card payments, your POS and surrounding retail systems must be PCI compliant.

In addition, GDPR compliance is a must.  You must have adequate security and safeguard your data against theft, and ensure that you have features to capture and use customer data in the correct way, which a good ePOS can do.

4. Customer sales tracking

High-quality sales tracking can improve your metrics and your loyalty programs, so make sure your POS makes it easy to collect and utilize this data.  You should be leveraging the data you gather to the greatest possible extent.


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