How To Use Your Retail POS To Improve Customer Experience

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Customer Experience

It’s easy to look at a point-of-sale system in terms of the advantages it brings you.  Retail POS software improves your ability to track stock, analyze sales trends, predict future seasonal needs, and more.

However, the benefits of a quality ePOS system go beyond that.  They can also be powerful tools for improving the experience for your customers as well!  Better CX leads to more repeat customers, better word of mouth, and improved presence on the online review sites.  It really can be an all-in-one investment for improving the experience for everyone associated with your retail operation.

Four Ways to Leverage A Retail POS For Better Customer Experiences

1. Beat long lines with mobile POS units

Do you have peak times during your day when the checkout lines get longer, and you risk seeing customers abandon their purchase?  Mobile POS units are the perfect solution.  Handheld or tablet-based purchasing systems allow your employees to quickly service customers anywhere on the shop floor, reducing queues and ensuring every customer leaves happy.

2. Add an in-store cafe

Some POS systems are flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of goods – even from different types of retail establishments.  This can be leveraged to more easily add a cafe to your operation.  Cafes encourage repeat business, while potentially also making your shop a place to relax, eat, or drink.

(Just look at how much business IKEA pulls in with their in-store restaurants!)

3. Set up loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a time-tested method of improving CX and encouraging repeat business, and they’re even more useful when backed by a robust retail POS solution.  You can track individual customers and their purchasing patterns, going far beyond the typical “punchcard” type solution.  You could potentially offer rewards that are customized for the customer.  At the least, tracking sales becomes much easier.

4. Display extra languages on the customer-facing screen

Do you have a multi-cultural customer base, or occasionally have communication problems with foreign-language buyers?  Your ePOS can use the customer-facing screen to show information in a variety of languages, customized for your particular selection of customers.  It’s a quick and easy alternative to asking your employees to learn more languages.

Businesses Worldwide Trust Eurostop

More than 100,000 businesses utilize Eurostop retail POS and stock tracking solutions.  With numerous must-have features and simple interfaces that reduce training requirements, our software enhances your CX!

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