Tips on Getting the Most from Your Retail EPOS Software

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retail EPOS Software

So, you’ve decided to invest in your retail EPOS software.  That’s an excellent decision!  More and more businesses are investing in digital transformation, and for many retail operations, that begins with a vendor that can provide a unified commerce approach.  Your retail EPOS system can streamline day-to-day operations, while also collecting and collating huge amounts of actionable data you’ll benefit from in the future.

Four Ways to See Great Returns from Your Retail EPOS Software

  1. Know the Basics

Be sure you, and all your staff, understand what is available and how to use all the features of the software.  If you have invested in a modern EPOS system, you want to make sure that you get the most out of the system.  In particular, know:

  • How to add items to the sale, including scanning barcodes, and how to use the product search feature in the EPOS system.
  • Any hotkeys or shortcuts, like those for commonly purchased items.
  • How to apply discounts, including managing permissions for different types of discount.
  • The procedures for taking payment in various forms.  Don’t forget less-common options such as gift cards or split payments, if you offer these.
  • How to use the loyalty/points program, if applicable, and managing customer accounts, including obtaining and recording consent – an essential under the GDPR if you are collecting and processing personal data of EU citizens.
  1. Digitize Your Inventory Management

A retail EPOS system works best when it’s also used to track inventory.  Any good EPOS software will be able to integrate directly with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package, synchronising sales, customers  and stock with Head Office.  You will be able to setup product information like details, prices, markdowns and promotions centrally, which streamlines operations by reducing manual error, increasing accuracy of information and optimising resource.

  1. Embrace Digital Customer Management

One of the more advanced features of EPOS software is the ability to track your customer spending behavior  – especially if you’re using a loyalty program that helps you collect data on them.  By analysing your customers’ shopping habits, you can introduce promotions and offers which better suit their needs or encourage repeat spend.

  1. Utilize Multi-Location Support

To provide efficient customer service and a unfied commerce experience, being able to manage multi locations and channels is a must.  You will need to get a big picture overview of how your business is performing and your customers’ shopping habits and it’s also an excellent way to be able to satisfy customer demand.  For example, searching stock at multiple locations to fulfill a customer request, so that you never lose a sale.

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