mPOS: A Rising Trend in Retail

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Owning a retail business is no easy job. Regardless of how high-traffic your store is, you need to keep track of staff, fulfill orders, handle stock, process customer exchanges…the list goes on. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is how well your payment system works, and whether you’re doing everything you can to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Here’s where mPOS comes in handy. With the right retail mPOS solution, you can streamline payments and improve your daily processes. Eurostop has helped many clients implement this growing trend in their retail establishment. Here are some of the benefits of mPOS.

What Exactly is mPOS?

Rather than relying solely on a traditional fixed cash register, an mPOS system allows you to use a portable handheld device, with POS software to process sales transactions. It may be an all in one device, like the one Eurostop offers, or it may involve connecting to a card reader, barcode scanner and receipt printer for example.  All that the system needs to function is a stable Wi-Fi signal. Although mPOS has been around for years, it’s only now gaining a lot of traction because the process has been streamlined and technology has improved.

What Are the Benefits of mPOS?

For retailers, mPOS software certainly boasts a host of different benefits, like easing the transaction process and providing significant cost/efficiency gains. It’s steadily growing in popularity because it enables customers to enjoy a faster, more convenient purchase experience. This is due in large part to mPOS retailers being able to bring the sale directly to customers, cutting down long lines and wait times at till point.

Additionally, mPOS systems are more hands-on, allowing your sales staff to engage with customers more directly, assisting them during the sales process to provide a personalised service, performing stock checks and upselling or cross selling. You can also collect comprehensive customer data from your mPOS system that allows you to understand your customers better, , keep track of customer purchase histories, and offer exclusive deals and discounts.

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