Mobile Point of Sale: Future Market Growth & Enterprise Benefits

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When it comes to conducting business nowadays, technology is key. For a retailer, omnichannel retailing, click and collect and in store tech including mobile point of sale (mPOS) enhances brand touchpoints and the customer journey. However, you might be wondering about the future of mPOS; is it here to stay?

The team from Eurostop has helped businesses of every shape and size implement mPOS solutions and we’ve collected some insight about the technology here. Below you’ll find some of the benefits mPOS offers and more.

What Exactly is mPOS?

Before diving into the details, it’s beneficial to learn a bit more about the specifics of mPOS. In the simplest of terms, it encompasses any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) designed to take the place of a traditional cash register. A retailer would require internet connection, a card reader, and a POS app.  Barcode scanners can also be connected.  Some vendors, like Eurostop, can even provide a single solution, all in one device that has built in scan engine and integrated payments, so that you don’t need to worry about connection to other devices, truly optimising mobility and convenience.  Cloud-connected business management systems have enabled retailers the flexibility to move away from the traditional stationary transaction system, affording options for customers to purchase what they need and for businesses more flexibility when offering their goods and services.

mPOS solutions make it easy for retail stores to deliver a personalised service and interact with customers anywhere on the shop floor. They can easily refer to their mPOS system to answer questions, check product inventories, process sales and more.

Why Are mPOS Systems Growing in Popularity?

Some of the key reasons why mPOS is becoming ever-popular worldwide are because:

  • In a connected world, consumers are looking for an enhanced in store experience. Not only is convenience key, but a personalised service is paramount.  mPOS allows retailers to scale up during busy periods, minimising queues, and being able to offer great customer service anywhere in the store.  In the wake of COVID-19, mPOS can also assist with social distancing measures with increased security measures required in stores.
  • The universal acceptance of EMV card standards.
  • The growing rise in digital payments, including mobile wallet and high-value credit card payments.
  • Increased global efforts by governments to promote cashless transactions.
  • The low cost and easy implementation of mPOS systems.
  • The value-added services mPOS solutions automatically offer.

Other Benefits of mPOS Implementation

You might be wondering if there are additional benefits to implementing the mPOS solutions available from our team of experts, and we’re happy to declare that there are. In addition to the advantages already mentioned above, the right mPOS system can make it easier to scale up with demand.

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