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Nowadays, many more retailers are adding mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions to their in store technology. This is because they offer a host of benefits and can make the buying experience more personalised for customers. As one of today’s leading retail POS providers, the team from Eurostop has helped hundreds of businesses make their transaction processes more effective and efficient.

Here you’ll find some key information about mobile point of sale systems and why they make checkouts so easy for both retailers and their customers!

How Does mPOS Work?

Before learning about some of the advantages, you might first be curious to learn more about how mPOS systems work. Also known as portable point of sale systems, mPOS systems employ a mobile device (dedicated mobile payment hardware, smartphone, tablet, etc.) that functions as a register. It’s ideal for a range of different types of businesses, including fashion retailers in store, pop-up stores, concessions, or events and festivals.

mPOS Has Revolutionised the Retail Industry

Because of mPOS solutions, retailers don’t have to have staff members fixed behind cash registers; they can now move about the store helping customers as required. This means they’ll be able to connect with customers more easily, answer questions, and check stock, providing a better customer service experience. They enable retailers to accept a wide variety of cashless payment methods and also offer customer loyalty programs from anywhere on the shop floor.

mPOS is Secure & Simple to Use

Another advantage of employing mPOS units in your retail business is that they’re secure and should be compliant with all of today’s current rules and regulations. mPOS systems are PCI compliant and designed to take encrypted payments with cards or mobile wallet payments. They also come equipped with an intuitive interface, making it easy for your retail staff to find their way around the software easily.

Increased Efficiency & Profit

Reducing waiting and time taken to service customers results in more transactions, thus a bigger profit margin. Increased efficiency at service points also means happy customers, which can reduce queue abandonment and increase customer loyalty.

With a connected POS system, merchants can also access their data remotely to respond quickly to customer demand and manage their retail store estate effectively.

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