How Can an Advanced EPOS System Help Manage Your Jewellery Store?

Written by Eurostop

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Whether you own a jewellery brand or manage a store, keeping track of staff and making sure clients are happy and get what they need is key. That’s why having the most efficient retail EPOS system is essential. Not only will it process sales, but it will also help streamline your daily processes, collect customer information, help you manage stock and much more.

Here the team of retail experts from Eurostop wanted to share some of the biggest benefits of implementing high-quality retail EPOS systems.

Insight into Your Customers’ Buying Habits

Arguably one of the most important aspects of retail EPOS solutions is that they help you collect information about customers and their preferences. Furthermore, if you have the right reporting and insights to use this data effectively, you will be able to analyse buying habits and really get to know your customers to build a relationship with them. In store, sales associates can utilise this information to provide a personalised shopping experience, making recommendations for cross-selling and up-selling based on past buying history. Such information can also be used by head office or your marketing department for targeted marketing campaigns, customer loyalty programs, and more.

Offering Discounts by Category

When people purchase jewellery, they’re often celebrating an important occasion or looking for a special gift. You can take advantage of this by segmenting data and perhaps offering targeted promotions at particular times of the year or discounts which can also be setup and applied automatically at point of sale. Offering promotions in certain stores may also be used to increase footfall in targeted locations.

Creating & Tracking Orders

Another important advantage of retail EPOS systems is that they can be connected to your central Head Office system and other business applications. With this integrated tech stack you can create records of suppliers and manage and track purchase orders, deliveries and transfers across your warehouse and store estate. This all helps you to record and maintain accurate visibility of your stock to allocate and replenish stores according to demand.

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If you want to streamline your daily processes and increase your bottom line, implementing an advanced retail EPOS system is a must. Eurostop’s connected retail EPOS system is a sophisticated omni-channel and multilingual sales tool designed to help you provide the best customer experience.

Specifically designed for fashion, footwear, and jewellery retailers, our EPOS solutions enhance the in-store experience for customers, in addition to providing you with key reporting and insight.

In addition to our retail EPOS systems, we also offer best-in-class MPOS systems, mobile retail apps, tenant management systems, fiscalisation services, and more.

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