Christmas Season Guide to Retail EPOS Systems: How to Propel Your Business

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Festive Season Guide to Retail EPOS Systems

During the festive season, retailers experience increased in-store traffic and online purchases, making streamlining the transaction process essential. That’s why many invest in a cutting-edge retail EPOS system with software designed specifically for their business. The team at Eurostop wants you to know there are a host of benefits to having the right EPOS solutions during the Christmas season, so they’ve shared some insight below.

Here you’ll find some tips for increasing sales and why having the right EPOS software this Christmas is key!

Set Up Christmas Season Loyalty Programs 

Using a retail EPOS system can make it a breeze to set up Christmas loyalty programs and offer special discounts during the festive season. You can use the customer information you’ve collected to tailor rewards specifically to their likes and purchase history, as well as offer one-time deals like Christmas season discounts and buy-one-get-one-free deals.

Have Your Top Sales Staff Working During Peak Hours 

EPOS systems also offer employee management solutions, making it easy for you to schedule your top salespeople during the busiest hours. Additionally, EPOS software can enable mobile staff to perform transactions on the retail floor, as well as issue refunds and perform other services. If you’re not sure who your best salespeople are, your system can break it down for you with the employee sales data it’s collected in the months leading up to the festive season.

Prepare for UK’s 4 Busiest Days 

There are some big shopping days in the UK. This year, the top four are predicted to be Dec. 7, the first Saturday in December; Dec. 14 (second-to-last Saturday in December); and the 21st of December, also known as Super Saturday (the last Saturday before Christmas). The day after Boxing Day, Dec. 27, will also be one of this year’s busiest shopping days.

Create a Sense of Urgency 

One way to attract more customers is by making them worried they’re missing out on something. You can create a sense of urgency by offering express delivery to select customers or increased discounts to the first 50 who walk through the door on busy shopping days.

Email Marketing 

Another great way to boost sales during the festive season is by doing a little email marketing. Sending out personalized messages to repeat customers offering deals or enticements can do wonders for bringing them back into the store during the Christmas season. It’s also a good way to share some of the exclusive Xmas inventory you have in stock.

Eurostop can help make it a great retail festive season!

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