5 Ways Your Retail EPOS System can Boost Festive Season Sales

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5 Ways Your Retail EPOS System can Boost

Running a retail establishment during Christmas and the festive months can certainly be a tough job without having to worry about your point-of-sale processes as well. That’s why many choose to invest in an affordable, reliable retail EPOS system to help them keep track of sales, customers, staff, and more.

However, you might not be fully aware of what you’re missing, so Eurostop has collected some insightful information for you here!

Create a More Intimate Customer Experience

An affordable EPOS system can help you create a more intimate and positive customer experience by streamlining the payment process. Your system will be able to retain customer purchase information, payment details, and loyalty information all at the very touch of your fingertips.

Attract New Customers with Loyalty Programs

One of the best ways to draw new clients to your business during the festive season is by giving them an opportunity they can’t miss. With the right retail EPOS system, you can create enticing loyalty programs to drum up business during the Christmas season. The right software will make it easy to offer discounts, create special promotions, and launch successful festive season campaigns.

Monitor Best-Selling Products

During the festive season, it’s important to know which items are selling like hotcakes, so you can display them accordingly on the retail floor. You can run detailed reports to determine which products are selling best and when. This information will help you sell as much as possible and give you ideas to make those lesser-selling items more attractive.

Streamline the Payment Process

Gone are the days of the paper pad, calculator, and old-fashioned cash register, at least for most businesses. Having an outdated payment system, especially during the holidays, can make you lose business. But an affordable EPOS system will help streamline the payment process, enabling customers to pay in their manner of choice in a matter of seconds. With shorter lines, customers are less likely to go elsewhere to avoid a wait.

Staff Scheduling

Want your best salespeople on the floor this festive season? A retail EPOS system can help you identify the best members of your sales staff based on in-depth data. You can then make certain they’re working during peak hours, helping customers on the floor and raking in festive season sales!

Let us help streamline your retail payment process!

If you want to cut back on waste, monitor inventory and boost sales this holiday season, investing in one of our affordable EPOS systems is a great way to start. Learn more about our retail solutions by contacting Eurostop online today or calling +44 (0) 208 991 2700.


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