New Year, New Retail EPOS! A Checklist for Businesses

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Tips for Choosing a New Retail POS

Is your business gearing up to ring in the New Year? One of the best ways to hit the ground running is by ensuring your point-of-sales processes are up to date. That’s why investing in a retail POS system can make a great gift for you and your employees. Eurostop wants to help make it easy to choose your new system, so we’ve collected some important information for you below!

Assess Your Current Retail EPOS System’s Performance

Before diving in and starting to shop for new retail POS systems and software, it’s important to assess the performance of your current setup. As you’re reviewing your business’ year-end data, determine whether your staff had trouble meeting their goals or targets. It’s also important to assess if there were any unexpected loss of sales due to POS mishaps like  product inventory confusion.

Once you’ve assessed your retail POS system’s performance for the past year, think about what needs to change and what type of solutions you want in your new EPOS system. Some of the most important things to consider are included in the following checklist:

  • Make a note of all the hardware your new system will require
  • Create a working budget for the setup and installation of your new system
  • Define your company’s needs and how they might change in the year ahead
  • Compare new EPOS systems
  • Hire an expert to install your new POS system

Let Eurostop help streamline your payment processes with our innovative technology!

If you’re ready to move ahead and start shopping for new retail POS systems, Eurostop’s retail solutions offer a host of options. Our e-pos touch systems do much more than simply process transactions, they also enable you to collect customer loyalty information, perform upsells, and create advanced promotions. The live EPOS software from Eurostop ensures that all of your stock information is monitored and updated accordingly at every till point, and in every one of your retail locations.

Our EPOS estate manager synchronises Eurostop’s stock control and merchandise management software with your EPOS estate, enabling you to provide a consistent customer experience across all channels. With it, you’ll be able to synchronize stock, security, CRM solutions, promotions, prompts, and even currencies.

Additional features include:

  • Omni-channel fulfillment
  • Direct deliveries
  • Inventory management
  • International pricing
  • Customer management
  • Sales reporting and analytics

Founded in 1980, the team from Eurostop has 30 years of experience providing global retail and EPOS solutions to a variety of clients. Over the years, we’ve become one of the industry’s leaders, providing quality retail POS systems to those in the fashion, footwear, jewelry, and general merchandise sectors.

For more information about our innovative solutions, contact us online today or call +44 (0) 208 991 2700.


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