Singapore department store chain BHG to roll out new Eurostop system across the country

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Connected retail and POS system helps BHG keep customers happy and increase sales

BHG Shoes

Department store group BHG has just completed its first rollout of Eurostop’s EPOS systems in the newest of its seven outlets in Singapore. The location is at Jurong Point, Singapore’s largest suburban mall and a major shopping attraction in the area. From sign up to go live, Eurostop successfully completed the rapid rollout of its systems, including integration to existing architecture in just over three months. Part of the project involved full customisation of the software to connect to other BHG business systems, including CRM, payments and staff system. BHG’s new EPOS estate launched with 1,000 promotions running simultaneously across its department store.

BHG selected a partnership with Eurostop to coincide with the opening of its seventh store, growing its foothold in the western part of Singapore and setting its sights on the potential new business location with the planned Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail link in the Jurong area.

For BHG’s installation Eurostop connected to JDA’s category management solution, used to analyse sales by product and offers, and create localised promotions for each store. Eurostop also linked the software with BHG’s credit card payment system, Nets e-commerce system, Ascentis Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) and the Group’s in-house staff management system.

Ms Serene Tan, Executive Director of BHG Group said;

“Despite a difficult economic climate we have been successful in retaining and attracting customers by remaining relevant to today’s shoppers. We have the right tools to refresh our merchandise categories regularly, as well as innovative visual merchandising strategies and the ability to run in store promotions to remain relevant. Our investment in Eurostop retail systems is central to this investment and will enable us to maintain a smart brand mix, yet still maintaining a tight control on stock turnover and profit margins.”

BHG Promotions

A selection of BHG promotions

Celebrating the opening of BHG’s seventh store

A local tradition to ‘bless’ the opening of BHG’s seventh store for an abundant and prosperous future. The Hokkien term for ‘pineapple’ sounds similar to the Hokkien term for ‘welcoming prosperity’. Traditionally, pineapples are rolled around a new property whilst saying auspicious phrases like (龙马精神! 财源广进! 招財進寶!).


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