New retail POS software certification meets French fiscalisation laws

Written by Deborah Loh

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Latest French certification for our retail epos systems opens up new opportunities for retailers looking to expand internationally (read in French here)

French Fiscalisation

It was awarded by INFOCERT, the largest certification authority in Europe. A Consultant at INFORCERT Consultant commended the team;

“The certification requirements to meet French fiscalisation law are extremely rigorous and in my experience, only half of companies are successful in their first attempt. However, I could see from the outset that Eurostop’s high quality development methods and detailed supporting documentation would support their application and have contributed to their success.”

We have just achieved certification for our retail POS software, e-pos touch, to comply with French fiscalisation laws. This is an exciting new development for us and opens up new opportunities for our customers. With this certification it means that retailers can trade in France knowing that their retail epos systems comply with French fiscal law.  It is a great feature for our customers who are looking to expand their market footprint, not only operating through multi-channels, but also internationally.

French fiscalisation – the why and how

Since the new fiscal law was enforced in France in January 2018, all retailers are required to use certified, compliant software, to prevent any fraud by data changing and software modification. POS software companies that retailers choose have to meet strict criteria to show that their retail POS software is compliant with the law and meets the NF525 certification.

Using the certified secure accounting software or POS systems, data has to be submitted to the Tax Authority (French Loi de finances) upon request in a simple readable format. In addition, all financial and system related transactions have to be recorded and saved in real time and digitally signed, including sales and refunds.

High quality development

To comply with these fiscal requirements, we have integrated our EPOS software with EFSTA (a leading fiscal software developer) middleware solution “Electronic Fiscal Registers” (EFR). This means that retailers using Eurostop software will be able to show the tax authorities that they comply and have a ‘Certificate of Conformity’ administered by their software provider. With this integration the transaction process is fast and secure and satisfies the criteria required.

Meeting the criteria for certification required high quality development and detailed documentation to be submitted, and it is a testament to our development and projects team’s commitment and thorough working practices that we successfully achieved accreditation.

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French Fiscalisation certificate
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