Eurostop’s new Partnership with Qlik puts retailers in the driving seat with easy to use dashboard view of business

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New integrated module will enable retailers to analyse and manipulate sales and stock data with easy to use graphical displays

Eurostop, the leading supplier to the fashion, footwear and lifestyle sectors has announced a new partnership with Qlik, provider of business data visualisation tools.
Qlik has over 3000 customers worldwide using its software to provide meaningful business information. The partnership enables Eurostop to operate as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Qlik’s user driven business data software enquiry tool, QlikView.  Eurostop will provide retailers with an off-the-shelf module that integrates with its own retail management systems.

Philip Moylan, Sales Manager at Eurostop said; “We have always focused on delivering solutions for retailers that are intuitive to use, fast and provide all the necessary data upon which to make informed business decisions. This new partnership with Qlik is a perfect complement to our retail management systems. It will enable us to provide retailers with the extra ability to quickly analyse and integrate data from point-of-sale, merchandising and  supply chain systems to identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities.”

The new graphical module provides a flexible, easy to use management tool that retailers can use to display and analyse any sales, stock or supply data. The dashboard can display data in easy to read familiar formats such as speedometers for example, to illustrate whether profit is in a comfortable or critical state. Retailers can choose how and what data is selected, to analyse customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets. They can drill down through sales data to specific days, suppliers and stock items. The data can also be extracted and exported into presentations or standard Excel spreadsheets.


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