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At Eurostop, customer support is key to the personalised service that we provide. This month, Manjit Sanghera our Assistant Support Manager shares with you some of the questions that our customers have asked us. If you have an issue that you need assistance with, please log your call with Eurostop Support.

Question “Am I able to see the daily till transactions for a specific branch, at head office without connecting to the tills?”
Eurostop answerEurostop “There is a report in e-rmis called ‘Transaction Log report’ which is one of our latest Pos-manager reports. This shows the transactional breakdown”
Question “How do I see what movements have taken place on one of our products – we had 10 in stock in the Warehouse at the beginning of the week but I am unable to find out why there is now only 5 in stock.”
Eurostop answerEurostop “Two useful reports which can be found in e-rmis under ‘System Functions’ are the ‘Audit Report’, which shows all historical transactions by date or week range, and the ‘Authorisation Report’ which can tell you when transactions have been confirmed/authorised on the system.”
Question “How can I zero all the stock for one of our branches, do we need to do a write on/off for each item or do Eurostop have to do something to zero it for us?”
Eurostop answerEurostop “You can actually use Stock take to zero all the items for that branch. Simply create a stock take batch for one item with zero quantity for that branch and when you process the stock take it will zero that one item and also all items which are not on that batch. This will result in all the items having zero quantity.”
Question “When customers are visiting us in store, I’d like to take the opportunity to update their details, can this be done on our tills, or does it have to be done via Head Office?
Eurostop answerAnswer “You are actually able to edit the CRM details on the till. Search for the customer record then select ‘add’ which will then give you the option to either add a new customer record or edit the existing customer details.”
Question “I want to find how much we have taken today. How do I do this without having to pull off a report on each till?”
Eurostop answerAnswer “You can run the ‘Flash sales’ in the Back office options which will give the total takings for today for all tills.”

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