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Maximising Mother’s Day Sales with an Omnichannel POS System

As Mother’s Day approaches, if you are a retail business in the UK, you have likely been preparing for weeks to maximise sales during this period. Being creative with ideas can be an effective way of making the most of the occasion as it is an ideal opportunity to market your product offering to those

Determining The POS Software Requirements for your Business

Whether your business operates online, offline or both, Point of Sale (POS) software is critical to manage your business efficiently. It simplifies daily duties and offers accurate solutions to common process woes. Investing in a good POS system is not just beneficial for your business, it will also be a great help in maximising your

Respect des lois de fiscalisation – Cinq questions à poser sur les systèmes EPOS de détail

De plus en plus, les détaillants qui souhaitent opérer dans plusieurs pays peuvent faire face à des problèmes coûteux et juridiquement difficiles liés à la gestion de différentes réglementations fiscales. Élément crucial dans la lutte contre la fraude, la fiscalisation garantit que les transactions d’un commerçant sont enregistrées et que la TVA appropriée est payée

Why All Businesses Should Have a Modern ePOS System

Why All Businesses Should Have a Modern ePOS System If you’re a business owner, then you know that there are a lot of complex, interlinked, and variable processes to maintain to ensure that your business runs smoothly. You have to make sure that your products are in stock (and conversely that you don’t hold too

mPOS: The Benefits for Your Business

mPOS: The Benefits for Your Business If you’re like most retail business owners, you’re always looking for ways to improve turnover, grow your business and have processes run smoother. That’s why mPOS can be such a great solution for your business. mPOS is short for mobile point of sale, and it offers a number of

Choosing POS Systems: On-Premise vs Cloud-Based vs Hybrid

Choosing POS Systems: On-Premise vs Cloud-Based vs Hybrid If you’re looking for the perfect Point-of-Sale (POS) system to support your retail operation, it’s important to think about how the system will be hosted when making your decision. In terms of the basics, most POS systems today are fairly uniform.  They almost always include: Terminals or tablets for

Must-Have Features in Retail EPOS Systems for 2021 & Beyond

Must-Have Features in Retail EPOS Systems for 2021 and Beyond As with all technology, retail EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale) systems are continuing to evolve and improve every year.  You probably already have an EPOS system in place, but if it’s been more than a few years, chances are it’s lacking many of the features that are now coming

How Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Systems Go Beyond Payment Processing

How Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Systems Go Beyond Payment Processing Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) systems are becoming true game-changers in the world of payment processing.  With mPOS devices, you can accept payments literally anywhere, using a convenient handheld system.  They accept a wide range of payment types and are also popular with customers

Is It Time to Update Your Retail POS System?

If you’re in retail, you undoubtedly have some form of retail POS system in place, with software running your various points-of-sales which are probably linked together in some way.  However, there have been big advances in POS software in the past decade – Big advances in both cloud computing and “smart” processing systems that allow

5 Reasons Every Retailer Needs Retail EPOS Software

What Benefits Does Retail EPOS Software Bring to Businesses? Modern retail is more complicated than ever before.  Even small operations may find themselves juggling multiple outlets, balancing both offline and online sales while struggling to stay on top of their business.  In response, retail EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software has become more robust, providing