Beauty brand TheFaceShop manages complex store promotions with ease using Eurostop systems

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Successful international natural beauty brand manages over 1,000 products using Eurostop’s retail management solution.

TheFaceShopNatural beauty brand TheFaceShop has implemented Eurostop’s e-rmis head office system and e-pos in all of its retail outlets to capture and process till sales and replenish and manage stock levels across its store network in Singapore.

TheFaceShop will be using Eurostop’s solution to set auto-replenishment for stock across its stores with minimum and maximum levels for all lines, allowing for cross promotions and sales of linked beauty care products. Each outlet is able to order stock via the till point, which has significantly reduced the time taken to process orders.

Samenther Seow, IT Manager at TFS Singapore Pte Ltd explained; “We needed a connected system that could give us an instant picture of our live sales, rather than having to wait for an import from a different system. It saves us a huge amount of time as we can instantly see which lines are selling.

“We also have a complex promotion model across our range of products. The Eurostop system recognises automatically whether promotion requirements are met when a sale is entered at till point. This relieves the burden for our sales staff of having to calculate different discount tiers. With so many similar products it was easy to make mistakes when doing stocktake. Now it’s automated and completely up to date our stock accuracy is often higher than 95%.”

The built in reports for stock audits make it easier to control stock movements, ensuring that the right stock is bought in and store stocks are replenished to meet demand. Using the e-cubes functionality the team is able to generate customised reports with more detailed business intelligence on specific stores, promotions or product lines, as and when required.

Deborah Loh, Marketing Manager at Eurostop, said; “Retailers like TheFaceShop operate in a highly competitive market where customer brand loyalty is key to success. We have designed our systems to help retailers of all sizes manage stock levels for many different product lines, meet fluctuating customer demand and support promotional campaigns. Having accurate, live sales data is vital to balance stock and profitability.”

Samenther Seow added; “There is no doubt that Eurostop was able to meet our requirements fully. The ability to meet our complex sales and marketing promotions has definitely reduced the burden on retail staff, improving our customer service. We also save a lot of time now that our reports are automated.”


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