100% Remote Rollout of Full Livestock Retail Systems Half a World Away

Written by Deborah Loh

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“We are already seeing the benefits and really seeing the potential of the systems in the short time since implementation. Our stock accuracy has improved, along with a more robust fulfilment process and we now have a great range of technology to keep things running smoothly and provide the business intelligence we require as we grow”

Chris Bone, Director of Operations & IT JD Sports Canada

  • POS & mobile POS remote roll out to all stores on time and on budget
  • 100% Improvement in correct order fulfilment routing
  • New potential for scalability of business with improved stock control and warehouse fulfilment
Livestock Canada

The Challenge

Livestock selected Eurostop in 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic came into full force. Their most significant pain point was their existing system was not recording accurate stock levels, leading to overselling online with no real-time visibility.

Livestock’s website uses a combination of stock from their warehouses and stores and without robust technology, multichannel sales can compete for the same item. In combination, stock is also constantly affected by other operations like transfers and deliveries etc., which becomes more significant when Livestock implement ‘flash sales’ during which stock is sold on the website and in stores rapidly.

With customer service being the differentiator, this needed urgent resolution. Although Livestock are based in Canada, due to the immediacy of requirements, both companies were determined to proceed with the implementation, despite a separation of 4700 miles, a time difference of 8 hours, plus now the COVID pandemic challenges and travel restrictions in place.

The Solution

Livestock selected the full suite of Eurostop Retail Systems including POS, mobile POS, warehouse apps, stock control system and BI reporting with integration to their online channel and payment processor. With comprehensive system architecture, this raises challenges even under normal circumstances, especially with integration to third parties.

Despite never meeting face-to-face, Eurostop, Livestock and JD worked closely together, with their respective experience and many hours put in online to achieve a successful go-live.

The project spanned 7 months with 100% remote rollout including:

  • Detailed project scoping for all departments (warehouse, online, buying, finance), with as-is and to-be processes mapped
  • Build and configuration of POS software onto remote hardware
  • Build of central database, POS estate manager, application and reporting services
  • Setup of warehouse fulfilment with self-shipping stores
  • Implementing warehouse apps
  • Historical data import
  • Training and user acceptance testing in all teams

The project involved:

  • Meetings conducted online, with Eurostop accommodating the 8 hours’ time difference.
  • A rigorous schedule of online communication.
  • Dedication to detailed documentation and online sharing portal proved invaluable, critical in this complex project.
  • Where in-person visits are typically beneficial in complex mapping scenarios e.g.in the warehouse, the commitment of both teams ensured all information was assimilated and analysed which was apparent in the results.
  • Train-the-trainer approach taken for the stores and warehouses due to COVID restrictions and shifts, with training videos recorded for quick access to content on demand.
  • Knowledge transfer in bite sized sessions, show and tell playback for confirmation.

The Result

Livestock are now using the full suite of Eurostop Retail Systems to manage their stores and website. The implementation of the POS, stock control systems and warehouse apps have stabilised the company stock position, improved inventory management and the replenishment program, as well as reporting, promotional/markdown planning, buying and merchandising visibility and financial reporting.

Stabilised Stock position

The Eurostop solution now provides:

  • Flexible SKU level stock buffers by store or warehouse to prevent overselling. Visible both at head office and online, this facilitates features like ‘Click and Collect’. In addition, Head Office is also able to specify which store stocks supply the website.
  • Real time synchronisation to online channel for accurate stock and sales data, so that online and in-store are not competing but are seen as a connected channel for true omnichannel capabilities.

Eurostop Warehouse Apps

Remote Success

Both parties attribute the successful rollout to the close collaboration, impeccable organisation and commitment between Livestock, Eurostop and the JD UK Project Teams. Every measure was put in place to remain in constant communication and mitigate the challenges of remote working. This involved adapting and responding to any technical issues as they arose to find practical solutions.

Chris Bone, Director of Operations & IT JD Sports Canada, said

‘…The strengths of both Livestock and Eurostop really came to the forefront during this time and it’s satisfying to see what we have achieved.’

‘Working with Eurostop has demonstrated that they have experience and as a JD partner, an in-depth knowledge of their processes with ability to deliver. We always found a way to make things work together.’

Eurostop and Livestock are also delighted to announce that this 100% remote rollout project has been shortlisted for the Retail Systems Retail Partnership of the Year Award 2021!

Retail Systems Awards
Livestock Canada Store

About Livestock

Livestock (Deadstock) is a premier apparel and footwear retailer in Canada, with a store and online presence with major plans for expansion. As well as having demanding requirements themselves, being part of the JD Group they also follow strict protocols for the selection and implementation of systems.

Opening its first doors in Gastown back in 2004, Livestock has evolved into one of Canada’s top apparel and footwear destinations. This is the place to find the latest and most sought-after shoes alongside a range of apparel which is inspired by their roots in art, fashion, music, skate and sport.

For more information, visit www.deadstock.ca

Deborah Loh

E-commerce & Marketing Manager at Eurostop Ltd.

Deborah is passionate about digital, retail innovation and the engaging experiences they drive today. With background in ecommerce, and traditional retail systems, she heads up the Marketing Department at Eurostop and digital experience with the brand.