In light of the recent mega-mergers in the retail property/shopping mall sector, and the move to a more experiential approach to attracting footfall, Phillip Moylan, Sales Manager at Eurostop explains how a partnership approach to managing retailers could yield benefits all round. At the end of 2017 we saw two large mergers in the retail

Many successful online retailers are expanding their business into bricks and mortar stores, using the opportunity to retain and upsell to loyal customers while attracting new devotees to their brand. Here are the key things a retailer should consider before stepping across the bricks & mortar threshold. Image sourced from Stephen Brashear/Getty Images The relentless

Official figures revealed that British consumers spent £810 million pounds in 2014 on one single day, making it the biggest shopping day of the year. That day was Black Friday; a US import that British consumers had barely heard of grew in the space of just 4 years into the biggest phenomenon that retailers experienced